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Integrity Turn-key Construction Services

kelseyIf you need a new post frame building but don’t have the time or resources to manage the project yourself, take advantage of our turn-key construction services.

Kelsey Gustafson is our full-time Turn-key Project Manager. He will help you through all the phases of the project and manage it from start to finish – from building design, obtaining permits, site preparation, pouring of the concrete floor to the installation of the electrical, plumbing, and interiors. Gustafson will act as a general contractor, supervise the site and trades and make sure that your new post frame building is built on time and within your budget. When we hand you the keys to your new post frame building, you will be completely satisfied

Advantages of Integrity Turn-key Construction Services:


  • Did you know you can not only lease a post frame building but also the whole or parts of the turn-key construction? National Leasing is Canada’s expert in equipment leasing and has been our trusted partner for many years.
  • Integrity Turn-key Construction Services builds fully on Integrity Post Structures’ experience. Since opening their doors in 2008 Integrity Post Structures completed thousands of projects during which we have come in touch with some of the best tradespeople in the industry.
  • We only work with businesses from our preferred trades list. These are tradespeople we know will deliver high-quality workmanship and won’t surprise you with unreasonable pricing or changing construction schedules.
  • You are dealing with only one person during the whole duration of the construction, our Turn-key Project Manager Kelsey Gustafson. With his 13 years of construction and project management experience as well as being a master plumber and gas fitter, you will be in the best of hands.
  • With our new Turn-key Construction Services, we will align with the New Home Buyer Protection Act and back all work in our buildings relating to heating, plumbing and electrical systems for 2 years.

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