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Marvin Haubrich, Sales, Southern Saskatchewan

Marvin Haubrich, Sales, Southern Saskatchewan

With life-long roots in the rural community, Marvin Haubrich understands the needs of the farmers and ranchers. He ran a bulk fuel, fertilizer and chemical operation for 10 years and has been in sales and service positions for over 30 years. Marvin knows how he wants to be treated as a customer, so he applies that philosophy to meet and exceed customer expectations.

“The top priority for me is customer service. It always has been—that’s never going to change,” says Marvin. “Working at Integrity is a great experience. They are an honest, straightforward group and are excellent to work with. I’m proud of the product we provide,” says Marvin.

Marvin will be serving as the Integrity Post Structures salesperson for Southern Saskatchewan.

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