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A Proven Way to Save Your Hay Bales

Hay Sheds: Storing Hay Indoors Saves Bales

Hay Barn 3

72′ x 200′ x 20′ hay shed. Built by Integrity Post Structures.

Protect the value of your hay by storing it in an inexpensive Integrity hay shed. How you store hay after baling can have a big effect on losses in both quantity and quality. Bales stored indoors keep the amount of hay, tightness of bales and quality much better than hay stored outside.

Integrity hay sheds can be designed in several ways. One option is to have sheeted walls to the ground on one or more sides. You can also choose to build with roof and posts only and there are other options as well.

Research Shows Storing Hay Indoors Saves Bales

Hay Barn 2Consider indoor storage for your hay. Studies have shown outdoor storage losses range between 5 and 35 percent depending on the amount of precipitation, storage site location, and original condition of the bale. Storage losses are usually reduced by approximately two-thirds with indoor storage.

Cutting-Edge Construction

Hay Barn 1Integrity Post Structures is the only company in Canada to offer Perma-Columns which are precast concrete columns that keep wood above ground and allow for a concrete foundation on your post frame building. For your hay barn, you can choose from a cold storage, insulated or combination, all customized to suit your operation.

Straight walls to 24’ give you maximum usable space which allows you to stack bales tightly against the walls. Full 3/4” rib (large rib) metal gives our buildings superior strength. Barns also have an interlocking truss-to-post connection. Our saddled truss connection gives secure fastening through the whole post. This means a better load transfer from the roof to the walls. Hay Barns also feature low-maintenance interiors and exteriors.


Need more inspiration? Read up on hay barns and take a look at the barns in our photo gallery. Or get in touch with us to get info on making the vision you have for your farm, home or business happen.