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Rocky building site terrain may mean extra charges

In a previous blog post How to Prepare Your Site for Construction, I talked about how to choose a good building site, calling before you dig and leveling your site.

Why it’s important to level your site before the crew arrives

We do our best to schedule construction in a timely way. That’s why it’s important for your building pad to be properly prepared and level before the crew gets to your site.

When you’re preparing your site before the crew arrives, you may need to clear trees, rocks, brush, and other items from your building pad. You may also need to backfill low spots and level high areas.

Once you have finished this, the building pad should be as level as possible. Keep in mind that your building is designed to be level with the highest part of the ground.

If the site is not level, there will be a gap under the building where the ground slopes. You may need to backfill topsoil or gravel around perimeter of the building after it is built to make sure proper water drainage is maintained.

Rocky terrain means extra drilling and charges

If we arrive and the building pad is not properly prepared or the terrain is particularly rocky, there will most likely be additional charges due to difficulties in drilling.

Take a look at a couple of sites that were “rocky”. The crews have to spend additional time on the job, which of course translates into higher cost.

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Help us stay on schedule and on-budget for your building by preparing your site before we arrive.

If you have any questions about how to prepare your site, please get in touch with us.