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Choosing Quality Lumber for a Post Frame Structure

post-frame-building-quality-lumberPost-frame buildings are gaining popularity in the industry over the past few decades. Companies, corporations and industries often choose these high-quality and sturdy frame building designs for their office or workplace. The design, construct and durability of the post frame buildings make them a better choice for industrial usage. Frame construction includes engineered wood-frame building system, laminated columns, steel framing and heavy concrete masonry. These buildings feature a strong, durable and exceptionally well-built interior façade.

Why Good Quality Lumber is Important for Post Frame Buildings

To ensure that the post-frame buildings remain durable, engineers use good framing and skills, prepare the building site and use high-quality materials. It is very important for the building contractors to choose the highest quality steel, door, window and lumber for the frame.

Types of Quality Lumber to Choose

For a long-lasting post-frame building, it is very important to choose the dry and best-quality lumber. It is highly recommended to select the Machine-evaluated lumber for the frame or the Machine Stress Rated Lumber instead. By choosing these types of good-quality lumber, your engineer will know the exact strength and durability of every piece of wood used for the structure. This is certainly very crucial for any well-built post-frame building structure. Also, good-quality lumber can avoid unacceptable risk for structural failure of the frame due to any unseen circumstances.

How Good Quality Lumber is Chosen

The challenge of selecting good quality lumber is always a responsibility of the building contractors. When designing the post-frame building, it is important for them to select functional designs, good-quality lumber and steel so that the building is structurally sound and feels functionally durable. After all, each post-frame construction frame system should meet UBC and IBC standards.

Importance of Choosing Good Quality Lumber

Because post-frame construction includes structures that are more quickly erected, the engineers involved use many larger posts and interlocking frames for a solid wall and frame construction. By using high-quality fasteners and nails, the lumber is attached together. If good quality industrial grade lumber isn’t chosen, it becomes difficult for the engineers to create the structure with columns bolted to trusses and the lumber screwed or nailed to steel together. In this way, you can ensure that these post-frame buildings can easily handle greater loads when compared to the stud-wall construction.

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