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Custom Options

Add curb appeal to your building with attractive soffit

Add curb appeal to your building with attractive soffit

Wainscoting on acreage building

Wainscoting on acreage building

Dormers add curb appeal to Robert Klein's riding arena

Dormers add curb appeal to Robert Klein’s riding arena

Custom dormer on post frame building with flag

Custom dormer on post frame building with flag

Hip roof barn with custom dormers

Hip roof barn with custom dormers


Finishing the roof with options like soffits can be a cost effective way of adding a special design feature for post frame buildings.

Soffit, which fits under the roof overhang, is a popular option for that many customers choose. It is an attractive feature that not only adds curb appeal to your building, but has the added benefit of maximum attic ventilation.


Want to add a special touch to your acreage, commercial building or riding arena? Consider adding wainscoting to personalize your building. It can quickly transform a traditional exterior wall into an interesting architectural element.

Originally used to protect plaster walls from nicks, scuffs and other mishaps, wainscoting has evolved into a way of injecting style and interest to exterior walls as well. Normally it is applied to the lower section of a wall, however, it can be applied to other wall areas as well.

Wainscoting is a smart investment that provides lasting enjoyment to current building owners and adds to resale value.


Break up a straight roofline with a dormer. A dormer is designed to protrude from the plane of a roof surface. Dormers add a dramatic touch to a building’s exterior. This custom feature that allows you to personalize your building and can also increase the value of your post frame building.

Are you considering an acreage building that will add to the curb appeal of your property? Or a custom riding arena? Dormers are one feature that can be a great way of adding visual appeal to your post frame building.

Reviews From Owners

Would definitely recommend Integrity Post Structures to anyone looking to build a commercial or agricultural building. We have many comments on how fast the building went up. Now if all our contractors could be as quick we could be into our new business! BTW, everyone loves the dormers! Thank you.

Shannon Barsi, 60’ x 100’ Perma-Column Insulated Commercial Building

They did a really nice job. It was all the finishing stuff—the way they put the wall on and capped the top of the wall. The crew was great. It was built on time, not a lot of complications. The service was excellent.

Robert Klein