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We use kiln dried 2 or better lumber when constructing our buildings. It is stronger, has better “hold” for nails and screws, less likelihood of stain or decay, and better heat insulation and preservation.

Be aware that some companies use wet or inferior lumber that is cheaper. Wet lumber is more prone to loose cladding. It can also give a moldy black appearance to your wood frame.

PWF Lumber for Posts

Lumber used in Permanent Wood Foundations (PWFs) meets special standards set by the Canadian Standards Association. A higher level of treatment is applied to PWF wood to ensure it lasts for in-ground use (compared to regular treated wood that is used above-ground, such as in decks or fences).

Treated wood used in PWF looks similar to regular treated wood, so be sure to look for the qualification stamp and incised markings of a “for underground use material” and make sure your post frame company uses only this approved material.

Be aware that some companies just treat the outside of the finished post—which will undoubtedly affect its lifespan. As well, some companies use artificial treated lumber that is not meant for use underground. Using “un-stamped” lumber on the column of your post frame building can drastically decrease the life of your posts.

Some post frame companies construct their posts on site by hand nailing laminations together without using a press. This means posts are not glued or may not have a tight bond between laminations, which can potentially lead to early de-lamination of plys within a structural column.

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Before You Buy

Find out more about the importance of choosing quality lumber for post frame buildings when shopping around for post frame contractors.