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Post-Frame Engineering: It Matters!

A post-frame building is an investment in your property and business. Perhaps more so than any other type of building you can create, post-frame structures serve a dedicated purpose.

Whether you’re looking for a new hay barn, a shelter for your livestock, or a large commercial building (and everything in-between), there’s no denying the appeal of post-frame from both a cost and utility perspective.

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Let’s Talk About Building Engineering & Why It’s Important

A common practice in the post-frame industry is to produce buildings that are not individually engineered. These types of buildings operate on certain assumptions that aren’t always safe to make- this often leads to problems!

Many post-frame manufacturers engineer their trusses but ignore the rest of the building. At Integrity Post Structures, we engineer every building.

Post-Frame Engineering: Keeping Your Building Safe, Legal, & Cost-Efficient

All our buildings adhere to the national building code of Canada. This code is updated every five years, with the latest revision in 2015.

In addition to meeting the standards set out in the national building code, our post-frame buildings also adhere to provincial building codes.

Because of our approach of engineering every building, we are known across many municipalities and counties; our diligence pays off in timely permit approvals and minimal hassle!

This saves you time, frustration, and money!

What Are the Benefits of Building Engineering?

  • Engineering each building ensures that the structural permit process, both applying for and receiving, is streamlined, simple, and easy.
  • Your building is engineered using the latest innovations and technologies available, including proprietary innovations (such as perma-column) as well as newly designed materials (like LVL posts).
  • Guaranteed strength and longevity. Only an engineered building can properly account for the conditions of your site, including soil quality, lumber grade, wind and snow loads, and more.
  • The engineer is directly involved in all parts of the process, from sale, to design, to construction and final inspection.

What’s the Difference Between an Engineered Building & One That Isn’t?

Engineered buildings have several advantages compared to post-frame buildings that are not engineered:

  • Gain visibility on building strength. Each building is modelled in 3D software that simulates the conditions of the installation site. This includes physical conditions, such as lumber grade and soil quality, as well as weather conditions; we can tell you exactly what will happen to your new building in a 1 in 50 year storm.
  • Engineered buildings reduce liability for you. Once the engineer stamps their approval, that’s their way of saying that they have reviewed this building and guarantee that it meets all design requirements of the building code. This protects your interests.
  • Engineered buildings have fewer hiccups during the permit, approval, and inspection process.

At the end of the day, know that all post-frame buildings are required to be engineered as they are not recognized as a standard practice of construction (according to the building code).

Strength-Enhancing Technologies & Materials

Part of our engineering process includes accounting for the use of new high-strength materials. Used where appropriate, these materials increase building strength, minimize building deflection/movement, and ensure that your new building will last for many years.

LVL Posts

Thanks to our exclusive perma-column, Integrity Post Structure buildings are able to make use of LVL posts. Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) is created by taking many layers of thin wood, assembled using high-strength adhesives, and then run through a machine press.

Combined with perma-columns, LVL posts keep wood out of the ground. This prolongs post life, improves strength, and ensures the post remains resilient in all weather conditions.

LVL posts are a superior manufactured product that has tested and true strength values that are far superior to any other type of visually-graded lumber.

LVL posts boast incredible strength and unmatched rigidity, as demonstrated by engineering simulations below.

Our LVL Posts takes a 4-PLY 1.8E-3000Fb – 1 1/2″ x 71/4 LVL and rigidly connect to the Perma-Column.

These posts are a premium product that allows post-frame buildings to go wider and taller than any other typically done in the post frame industry.  The LVL post gives us the ability to resist the ever evolving wind loads throughout Canada and is almost 3 times stronger in bending than a standard SPF post. As you can imagine, these qualities make LVL posts suitable for a wide range of applications.

Screw Piles

Used primarily in difficult soil situations, and especially where unsuitable soil may have previously made a post-frame building untenable for the site, screw piles are another way that Integrity Post Structures is continuing to innovate and lead the industry.

Screw piles bore deep into the soil, properly distributing building load and ensuring strength in tough soil. Thanks to screw piles, Integrity Post Structures is able to cost-effectively build where no other post-frame manufacturer can.

Carefully Selected Species of Lumber

The species of lumber used in your building can have big implications. Not unlike how the engine you chose for your vehicle dictates horsepower and torque, the type of lumber used in your post-frame building influences building strength.

Buildings engineered and built by Integrity Post Structures only use the best SPF No.1 or No.2- these grades of lumber have excellent compression and bend resistance.

SPF Lumber – Standard Lumber Posts

Spruce Pine Fir No.1 or No.2 are the strongest visually graded lumber species locally available. These species of lumber have the best strength and resistance against bending and wind loading.

MSR – Machine Stress Rated Lumber

What differs MSR lumber from regular visually graded SPF lumber is that MSR lumber has been machine tested to verify the strengths. All manufactured trusses used by Integrity Post Structures utilize MSR lumber to achieve maximum strength.

We Know You’ll Agree: There’s No Replacement for Proper Engineering!

We are able to offer industry-leading warranties and unmatched service on our buildings because of the extreme confidence we place in their design, engineering, and construction.

As we hope we have demonstrated on this page, there really is no replacement for good old fashioned engineering: at the end of the day, it saves you time, frustration, and money.