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Perma-Column +Integrity Post Disc = Slam dunk for post frame

If you’re seeking the most durable, advanced post option in post frame construction, explore the new advanced technique which combines the Perma-Column with the Integrity Post Disc.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Perma-Column concrete posts keep wood out of the ground

Exclusively available from Integrity Post Structures in Canada, Perma-Columns are precast concrete columns that allow for a concrete foundation on your post frame building. These 5’ precast concrete columns keep wood out of the ground, ensuring your building’s foundation will last.

The Perma-Column is the first product to combine the economy of post frame construction with the durability of a concrete foundation.

Concrete Post: Exciting new development for Canadian farmers

Concrete Post: Exciting new development for Canadians

Perma-Columns use the latest in self-compacting concrete precasting technology to provide three times the strength of standard concrete using microfibers for added shock resistance and durability.

A corrosion inhibitor protects the rebar reinforcement from rusting, and a final admixture is added to give freeze/thaw protection. The technology incorporated in our special mix guarantees a lifetime of durability.

The wood column is attached to a “U” shaped steel bracket made of 1/4” steel with 1/2” thru-bolts and 1/4” lags. This bracket is robotically welded to steel reinforcement that runs the entire length of the column. All the steel we use is a premium high strength alloy purchased domestically.

Learn more about the advanced Perma-Column post frame by clicking here>>

Step 2: Combine with Integrity Post Disc for even weight distribution

Combine the Perma-Column with the new Integrity Post Disc technology for the most advanced post frame system in Canada. The injection-molded plastic disc supports the Perma-Column concrete post.

Integrity Post Disc

Integrity Post Disc

The disc, which sits under the Perma-Column concrete post, helps limit settlements thanks to its extended surface areas by evenly distributing the column loading to the surrounding sub-grade. The innovative honeycomb design ensures the disc stays in position under the post.

Click here to learn more about the Integrity Post Disc.

Your building will last longer with Integrity Post Disc and Perma-Column concrete post

“The combination of these two extraordinary products help extend the life of post frame buildings,” says Al Williams, Integrity Post Structures partner. “These products work hand-in-hand to withstand wet conditions and minimize frost heave. Customers need not worry that their posts will rot or breakdown in wet conditions with the combination of the Perma-Column concrete post and Integrity Post Disc.”

“The advanced Integrity Post Frame building technology is taking the post frame industry in Canada forward by leaps and bounds,” said Williams.

Find out more about the benefits of a post frame building from Integrity Post Structures by contacting us today.