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Orange Seal Certification

The Orange Seal was established by Integrity Post Structures in the spring of 2016 as an internal certification and minimum standard set for our crews that represents excellence in the Post Frame Industry. Through our yearly training program, Integrity exclusive crews are required to obtain an Orange Seal Certification by successfully participating and completing our Safety Seminar. Each year Integrity Post Structures hosts a 1-day Safety & Training Seminar where all crews are required to attend. During this “in-class session” we go over upgrades to policies & procedures, quality of materials and updated standards.

What does this mean to our customers? And what are the benefits?Integrity Orange Seal

Our crews are/have:

  • Attended & completed the Integrity Safety Seminar
  • Trained in material safety
  • Trained on safety procedures and practices for the job-site
  • All tickets are monitored to be compliant and up-to-date
  • All equipment has been safety checked and approved
  • Monitored through random site visits by our Safety Officer
  • Submitting daily Toolbox Meeting attendance reports
  • Educated on building the “Integrity Way” to ensure all projects are built to approved standards
  • Up-to-date building policies & procedures
  • Use approved materials


Every building with Integrity Post Structures is engineered to meet or exceed specifications for strength and durability. Our crews work closely with our engineer to ensure each building follows the supplied guidelines. By doing this we set in place another level of accountability on our crews. We also use an internal communication system to allow quick updates and notifications to our crews, but also to allow crews to collaborate with each other, pass along advice, questions and successes.

You’ll notice the difference with an Integrity post frame crew from the moment they arrive on your site because of the attention they pay to detail, their skill level and lastly – but just as important – the respectful attitude they have for our clients. Our crews are not your typical “chain saw” post framers. They are meticulous when it comes to constructing¬†a strong building.

We refer to our crews as the “next generation of post framers” and are carefully selected and trained.