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FINDOOR’s folding doors are industrial grade doors perfect for commercial, agricultural, acreage uses and more.

Available in a wide variety of colours, sizes and configurations, the FINDOOR will change the way you use your building. The folding doors can be manual or electric.

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The folding door holds up under heavy usage for decades, day after day without needing continuous maintenance.

The core of the door is a thermally insulating material that does not absorb water, and that core is clad in sheet steel with a treated surface. Whenever the door is opened or closed, steel hinges lift the door off the floor, keeping the weather-stripping on the door bottom in good condition and also making light work out of using the door. The weather-stripping, being made of EPDM rubber holds up well in extreme Canadian conditions. If needed, you can also get an man door in the folding door itself, plus you can get fire resistance for your door up to a classification of EI30.

Findoor’s folding doors help prevent the transmission of heat throughout the year bringing savings in heating and cooling costs. Our innovative weather-stripping tightly seals moisture and outside air away from the interior.

The unique weather-stripping design between panels as well as the door edging weather-stripping squeeze tightly against the critical surfaces when the door is closed, and immediately separate from each other when the door is opened. The result is a weather tight, heat transmission blocking door with weather-stripping that is good for decades. The folding doors furnished with windows are also very weather tight. In the fully glazed doors, much of the surface is glass, making it somewhat less thermally efficient.

CLICK HERE to find out more about how FINDOOR can improve your building!