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Your building’s structural integrity: what you need to know

Ensure your building is constructed with the safety of you, your family, equipment and property in mind. Researching the engineering approach of your builder up front before your next building purchase can save money and potential problems in the future.

“We approach the construction of each building and customize it for each location,” says Al Williams, co-owner of Integrity Post Structures. “What does this mean? It means that we specifically engineer each new building for every location’s potential differences in snow and wind loading calculations to ensure it meets or exceeds the local building code for possible conditions.”

Some companies may rely on general engineering standards that are national in scope. These standards may not be adequate for the vast differences in weather and climate conditions across Canada.

“Local and specific engineering can make the difference in having a building that stands the test of time or is a potential hazard on your property,” says Williams. “Buildings are a large investment. You want to be sure they are engineered for your local conditions and are built safely and with precision.”

Williams also recommends researching the quality of materials and methods of the assigned crew. “The integrity of your structure can be at stake if these two areas are not top quality, says Williams. “And, make sure your builder isn’t in a rush to get off to the next job so they do the job right the first time around.”

If thinking of a fabric structure based on economy, be sure to check out the efficiencies and benefits of a post structure. “You’ll be pleasantly surprised at our price and the added benefit of getting a permanent building,” says Williams.