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5 Ways to Build Agricultural Buildings With Durability in Mind

60x120 Shop 14' lean to

If you’re going to build an agricultural building, you’d better do it right. It takes a durable structure to withstand the forces of mother nature, gravity, animals and more. We realize how enticing it can be to always choose the cheapest building option.  You see cheaper materials or services that seem equal to their more expensive alternatives, so you choose the cheaper option. A building’s a building after all, right?

Absolutely not. That’s like saying “a car’s a car,” but everyone knows a 1990 beater is definitely not equivalent to a brand-new Mercedes. There are a lot of details that go into a building, and those details – no matter how small – can make or break its durability.
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Think Maintenance This Seeding Season

Efficiency is likely to be more important this seeding season than ever for many farmers. To squeeze as many acres into the tight seeding window as possible, the temptation is to jack up travel speed and many wonder if they should invest in higher-tech equipment. Those farmers will be looking in the wrong direction to improve efficiency, say equipment experts. The single biggest factor that will make or break one’s ability to seed quickly and effectively is equipment maintenance.
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A Machine Storage Shed Will Protect Your Valuable Farm Equipment

Integrity Post Structures offers affordable storage sheds for your needs

Canadian winters are known to be very cold and can cause problems when starting a vehicle. The same applies to machinery, except on a larger scale. Your vehicle’s resale value is increased when it is parked indoors and the same applies for your machinery. This is due to the fact that machines in storage have a longer operating life, and require less maintenance. When analyzing the data, research shows that farmers who had their machinery in storage sheds received a higher trade-in credit than those who stored it outside. Make the smart choice when it comes to protecting your investment with a storage shed.

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Machine Shed Equals Payback

Starting farm trucks in the bitter morning of a Saskatchewan winter can be a long, and sometimes costly, process. With harsh winds blowing the tarps off vehicles stored outside allowing snow to get in and brakes to freeze, Inno-Tech Farms owner Brent Sattler decided he needed a storage solution for his grain trucks and seeding equipment.

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Tips on Planning a Machine Shed for Large Equipment

Farm equipment is a large and important investment. Keep your operation running smoothly, cut down-time and lower repair costs by investing in a practical machinery storage shed.

Machinery Shed 1

60’ x 150’ x 18’ machinery shed. Built by Integrity Post Structures.

A machinery shed enhances many aspects of farm operations.

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Acreage Buildings: Functional and Attractive

An acreage building is the perfect addition if you love the ranch and country lifestyle. These buildings can store recreational vehicles and animals or can be designed as a combination building. Integrity Post Structures builds functional and attractive acreage buildings with superior finishing, attention-to-detail and skill—an important factor when you want a building to increase the value of your property.

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Machinery Storage Sheds Help Lower Repair Costs

Farm equipment is a large and important investment. By storing equipment inside a machinery storage shed, your operation runs more smoothly by reducing down-time and lowering machinery repair costs. Integrity Post Structures provides a diverse range of machinery storage solutions.

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