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Buying post frame? Read these 6 tips first.

Over the years, I have sold and helped design over 500 post frame buildings across Western Canada. Here are a few tips I’ve learned that will help you with your project.

Machine Shed picture

Integrity Post Structures buildings constructed to highest standards

1. Approach prospective builders as if you’re hiring someone for a job. Start with a series of questions to make sure you’re comparing apples to apples when you get quotes. There can be big differences in how a building is constructed, materials used and labour expertise that can affect the price and outcome.

2. Develop an outline of what you want out of your building. An experienced salesperson might be able to lay things out in a more efficient way by first seeing what your needs are on paper.

3. Materials really do matter. Remember, your building is only as good as what it’s made of (and the crew who puts it up, of course). Are your posts tightly laminated in a manufacturing plant? Are they treated throughout? Is your metal going to last? Whether it’s a farm, ranch or commercial, your building is an investment and you want it to last and look good for as long as possible.

4. Talk to other customers. Go and look at their buildings, find out how the crew performed, if they were satisfied that problems were dealt with quickly and in a friendly way or, if they had to wait for service (and how long).

5. Never underestimate the importance of a skilled, disciplined crew. Enough said.

6.  Don’t rush the job. Compared to other methods of construction (steel, wood frame), a post frame building doesn’t take long to erect. Be wary of companies who sell “speed.” We believe it’s worth an extra day or two to invest in your building versus rushing out to the next job leaving you holding the bag.

Because at the end of the day, it’s your building, not ours. We want you to be completely happy. That’s why our buildings are consistently priced competitively, we give you quality materials, and real service. Why? It’s just the right thing to do.

The team at Integrity Post Structures specialize in the construction of post frame buildings across Western Canada (Alberta, B.C., Saskatchewan). We build machine sheds, shops, riding arenas, hay sheds, acreage buildings, commercial, aircraft hangars and more.

Our buildings meet or exceed the most demanding engineering specifications for toughness, strength and durability at a reasonable price. Find out more on our website.

New for Canadians: Concrete Post Foundation Now Available

This is an exciting post for us at Integrity. We are so pleased to let Canadians know of the biggest development to hit post frame! The Perma-Column is a pre-cast concrete column–the first product on the Canadian market that keeps wood out of the ground.

Perma-Column in Post Frame Building

Perma-Column in Post Frame Building

They give the best of both worlds:  the cost-effectiveness of post frame construction with the durability of concrete. The Perma-Column has been used for years in the U.S. and is now available for the first time in Canada.

Tested by both Wisconsin and Purdue University, the Perma-Column outperforms wood posts in comparative strength tests.

How is it made?
The wood column is attached to a “U” shaped steel bracket made of 1/4” steel with 1/2” thru-bolts and 1/4” lags. This bracket is robotically welded to steel reinforcement that runs the entire length of the column. All the steel is a premium domestic high strength alloy.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the benefits of this new technology:

  • made of the latest in self-compacting concrete precasting technology give 3 x the strength of standard concrete
  • microfibers add shock resistance and durabilit
  • microsilicia enhances flexural/compressive strength and erosion resistance
  • corrosion inhibitor protects the rebar reinforcement from rusting
  • a final admixture is added to give freeze/thaw protection

We have more specs at Integrity Post Structures or you can get more information on Perma-Columns direct from the manufacturer.

Read the Canadian announcement on Perma-Columns.

Riding Arena Profile: Robert Klein

Thinking of building a riding arena to cope in our cold Canadian climate? For roper Robert Klein, an indoor riding arena just made sense. Based in DeWinton, Alberta, Klein can now rope in comfort all year round.

Robert Klein and his post frame riding arena

Robert Klein and his post frame riding arena

Klein’s equestrian building is designed specifically for his needs. It includes an overhead door on one end for livestock, another at the opposite end for horses, attached barn, tack room and office.

Arena Specs:

  • 80’ x 200’ x 18’ 8” post frame riding arena with breezeway to attached barn
  • Two 12’ x 14’ overhead doors
  • Two walk-in doors
  • Two smoke wall light panels along both sides, ridge light on length of roof
  • Four custom dormers
  • 6’ high kick wall, finished with a cap on top

“They did a really nice job. It was all the finishing stuff—the way they put the wall on and capped the top of the wall,” says Klein. “The crew was great. It was built on time, not a lot of complications. The service was excellent.”

See more photos of Klein’s arena or watch a video of his equestrian centre.

Choosing Doors for your Post Frame Building

Tips to help pick the perfect doors
Every post frame building needs at least one door to make it functional. In reality, most buildings require two or more to make it the most useable for you. But how do you choose the doors that would work best for your operation? After all, this is one of the most critical decisions when designing a building.

  • Key points to consider when choosing doors for your building:
  • What will you be using the doors for? Moving animals or equipment?
  • What’s the largest piece of equipment you would bring in?
  • How many different types of doors will you need?
  • What purpose will each serve? Where is the most logical flow of traffic to help direct where you would place the door(s)?
  • Do you need to drive your equipment straight through the building? If so, would you consider having doors on both ends?
  • Is the building insulated or cold storage? Will you potentially insulate it in the future?
  • What’s your budget?

Here’s a quick primer on the pros and cons of doors available for post frame buildings.

Sliding Doors

Sliding door in machine shed

Sliding door in machine shed


  • Most economical
  • Wide range of uses for all building types
  • Great for cold storage
  • Available in widths up to 32’
  • Available in all colours
  • Moderate seal against building

Used in all types of post frame buildings


  • Generally used for uninsulated or cold storage buildings
  • Manually operated

 Overhead Doors

Shop with overhead doors

Shop with overhead doors


  • Available in a variety of sizes up to 30’ wide
  • Have an insulation value of R16
  • Clear span to 30’
  • Tight seal against building (weather stripping)
  • Optional electric operators
  • Optional remote control
  • Can be used in insulated or cold storage buildings
  • Available in bright white

Riding arenas, shops, garages, commercial, barns, acreage

Need extra 2’ in height for clearance

Bi-fold Doors


30’ x 18’ bi-fold door

30’ x 18’ bi-fold door


  • Heavy-duty doors
  • Long lasting
  • Clear span to 90’ makes it a great option for large openings
  • Full height opening means no head room loss
  • Tight seal against building (weather stripping)
  • 220 volt electric operator comes standard with door
  • Many accessories available including remote control, automatic locking controls and more
  • Available in all colours
  • Bi-fold doors supplied by industry leader Diamond Doors

Wide range of uses from airplane hangars to insulated shops
Can be used for cold storage or insulated applications for any large building
See a bi-fold door in action on an airplane hangar.

Walk-in Doors


  • Available in 3’ or 4’ widths
  • Steel
  • Available in bright white

We suggest adding a smaller service door (walk-in) beside larger doors so that the large door does not have to be opened for routine activities.

Next Steps

1. Take measurements
The increasing size of today’s farm equipment requires increasingly larger door openings. Avoid unpleasant surprises by taking measurements of your equipment and carefully verify your needs.

2. Choose the characteristics you need
We’ve looked at the general characteristics of the different types of doors and where to best use them. Now it’s time to decide which characteristics will work best with your needs

3. Decide on placement of doors
We recommend placing large doors in the end walls of your post frame building for a couple of reasons:

  • snow doesn’t fall directly in front of them making it easier for you to enter and exit your building during the winter
  • ensures your building is structurally sound.

See how the design of the post frame machine shed at Prairie Rock Farms and placement of an overhead door on each end of the building has made moving large air seeders a breeze.

4. Ask for advice
While this is my last bullet, it really should be your starting point. We have designed and built hundreds of post frame buildings for a variety of uses. We’re more than happy to help customize your building with the best doors for your needs from the start.

Contact us to find out more on pole building design.

Pole Barns to Engineered Post Frame Buildings

The “pole barn” has been around for centuries. In fact, many prehistoric people used posts driven into the ground as a way to erect buildings for a number of uses. Buildings along shorelines were built with poles to raise them above the water line. In rural areas, poles were used as the base for farm sheds.

However, these buildings could only be relied on for a short period of time as the lifespan of the poles were limited due to contact with the ground, unless they were built in very dry regions.

As the Great Depression settle in and building materials were hard to come by, a new type of pole building emerged. An American entrepreneur designed a building that used 2′ x 4′ boards and a truss system.

Advances in Post Frame

Since the humble beginning of pole buildings, the industry has experienced many advances in engineering. Treated, laminated posts are standard in most building practices. Another option is the superior Permanent Wood Foundation (PWF) treated wood post that has an even higher level of protection than regular treated wood. Engineering to local codes, large rib metal with 40-year warranty, energy efficient doors and windows, Hardie Board siding, new building designs and modern accessories are just some of the innovations of the post frame industry.

New Era for Post Frame with Engineered Concrete Base for Post

Probably the biggest advance for post frame today is the introduction of the Perma-Column. Perma-Columns are precast concrete columns that keep wood out of the ground. They are the first product to combine the economy of post frame construction with the durability of a concrete foundation.

About Perma-Column

  • Uses the latest in self-compacting concrete precasting technology, which gives three times the strength of standard concrete
  • The special concrete mixture is designed to be so dense that water can’t penetrate it and subsequently freeze/thaw to break it up. The mixture is comparable to that used in bridge piers—meaning that it must stand up to cold temperatures around water.
  • Used for years in the U.S. and thoroughly tested by the universities of Wisconsin and Purdue, the Perma-Column outperforms standard wood posts
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • Find out more about the Perma-Column engineering specs.

Modern Applications for Post Frame

If you look around the rural Canadian landscape, post frame buildings are everywhere serving a wide range of purposes: machinery storage, farm shops, hay and grain storage, riding arenas, commercial operations, new hip roof style barns and more. And it’s just started. Stay tuned to see what else is coming for post frame!

How to Prepare Your Post Frame Building Site

Congratulations! You’ve made a smart decision by choosing to build post frame.

Before the crew arrives, you’ll need to prepare your building site. Here are four tips to help guide you through the process.

1. Select the best location
Choose a location that will allow proper water drainage from all four corners of your building.  We can help you in this process by /transiting/ your site.  A transit level is used to locate level building lines. Your experienced salesperson can also help you choose the most appropriate spot. Remember to consider the finished building height (think trees) as well when choosing your building site.

A transit can be used to help level your building site.

A transit can be used to help level your building site.

You may need to analyze the topography of the site where you are preparing to build. Is the land is rolling, level or sloped?

Remember to consider the direction of the wind in your yard. And plan enough room for yards, driveways, walkways and thoroughfares to other buildings.

2. Consider the soil
How is the soil? Do you need to be concerned about rocks? You need to know if there are large rocks or sandy areas that will need to be addressed before you start grading and the crew starts building.

3. Clean and level the site
Remove all organic material—including trees and bush.  Level your site within six inches across all perimeter points of the building.

If you will be poring a concrete slab after your building’s up, you’ll want to grade your land and set your building height to a position that allows for a layer of compacted road gravel to be placed under the conrete pad.

4. Place washed rock for building outside of footprint

Arrange to have gravel delivered before the materials arrive (as per your contract) and place outside of the building footprint so the crew has plenty of room to work and are able to square up your building.

Find more pole building tips here to get ready for your post frame building.

Lessons I learned in post frame

Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about post frame including what works and what doesn’t. Here are my top three mistakes to avoid when looking at post

Mistake #1: Building too small

As the saying goes, if I had a dollar for every person who came up to me at a tradeshow who’s said, “I wish I would have built 20’ or 10’ longer, or wider.”

“I’ve never had anyone come up to me and say they’ve built too big. But I’ve heard hundreds of times from people who wish they would have built bigger. That is my top advice for anyone thinking of building—build bigger than what you think you need.”

Mistake #2: The addition on the addition on the addition…

Let’s not go there. Instead, we can help you plan out a real solution in one building. There are a number of structural complications, risks of leakage involved in adding on to existing buildings—never mind the difficulties in colour matching and overall good looks of your project. You know the ones I’m talking about. The colours almost match—but close is only good in horseshoes and hand grenades.

Mistake #3: Not comparing apples to apples

I can’t emphasize this one enough. Things are not always what they seem. Some products may look the same from the outside, but the reality is often far inferior.

When you’re shopping around for a building, make sure you are comparing the same components—things that are critical when it comes to the integrity of your building. Here’s a list to start:

  • Posts
  • Wood grade
  • Metal—what’s the paint warranty?

Find a list of questions to ask before you buy here.

Your building’s structural integrity: what you need to know

Ensure your building is constructed with the safety of you, your family, equipment and property in mind. Researching the engineering approach of your builder up front before your next building purchase can save money and potential problems in the future.

“We approach the construction of each building and customize it for each location,” says Al Williams, co-owner of Integrity Post Structures. “What does this mean? It means that we specifically engineer each new building for every location’s potential differences in snow and wind loading calculations to ensure it meets or exceeds the local building code for possible conditions.”

Some companies may rely on general engineering standards that are national in scope. These standards may not be adequate for the vast differences in weather and climate conditions across Canada.

“Local and specific engineering can make the difference in having a building that stands the test of time or is a potential hazard on your property,” says Williams. “Buildings are a large investment. You want to be sure they are engineered for your local conditions and are built safely and with precision.”

Williams also recommends researching the quality of materials and methods of the assigned crew. “The integrity of your structure can be at stake if these two areas are not top quality, says Williams. “And, make sure your builder isn’t in a rush to get off to the next job so they do the job right the first time around.”

If thinking of a fabric structure based on economy, be sure to check out the efficiencies and benefits of a post structure. “You’ll be pleasantly surprised at our price and the added benefit of getting a permanent building,” says Williams.

Building an Indoor Riding Arena? Tips from real owners

Let me set the scene: it’s a beautiful, sunny summer day. It’s not too hot, a light breeze is coming your way. In other words–a perfect day for riding.

Now for the real picture in western Canada. From cold winds and icy conditions to blazing heat, we have a wide range of weather to deal with. Those perfect days can be few and far between.

If you’re reading this, you likely understand how an indoor riding arena can help you and your horse avoid missing training days due to bad weather, and in the long term, improve your riding.

Hear from people who have built indoor riding arenas as they share insider tips.

Pat Weirzba: Height & Width

Pat Weirzba likes a lot of things about his 90’ x 185’ insulated riding arena. But one of his favourite features of his arena is the height. With 20’ walls, the arena can accommodate an upper mezzanine that holds a viewing area, workshop room, kitchen and bathroom. But he also likes riding in a space with that amount of height.

“It’s a great feature,” says Weirzaba. “Not only because of the mezzanine area, but riding in here with 20’ walls is really worth it.”

When planning out the dimensions of his arena, Weirzaba also took the number of activities into account. “The most important part for me was to get the width, which for me was 90’. It allows us to do almost any exercise we want to do with horses from riding barrel patterns to working with cows.”

His arena is insulated and includes an attached barn, wash bay and tack room. A 2’ wall light encircles the riding area to allow natural light in. “On most days you can ride out here without any lights on during the day,” says Weirzba. “[The wall light] allows the sunshine in and it feels very comfortable.”

Normally, he does not have to heat the arena, thanks to insulation, and says it has never gotten below -6 °C allowing for very comfortable riding conditions.

Weirzba’s #1 Tip: Make it as wide as you can. I feel 90’ is very important. And make it as long as you can depending on the regulations in your area.


Pat Weirzba's insulated indoor arena




20' walls adds to spacious feeling for indoor riding



Mezzanine level of arena: viewing area


Sheldon Kennedy: Building for Future Needs

Sheldon Kennedy put lots of doors in his arena. The thing is, he didn’t build his arena for today. He built it for tomorrow.

His 72’ x 212’ insulated riding arena not only has plenty of doors, an attached barn, wash bay, tack room but also the ability to add a lean-to the entire length of the arena.

“I put a door in whether I needed it or not today,” says Kennedy. “I planned this building in a way that can be adapted for the future.”

Kennedy’s #1 Tip: Build in a way that you can add on or change things for the future.




Sheldon Kennedy outside his riding arena

Sheldon Kennedy outside his riding arena

Indoor view of riding area

Indoor view of riding area

Attached barn & grooming area

Attached barn & grooming area






Now let’s cover the basics.

What do you need from your building? What activities do you need to plan for? Equipment and feed storage? How about an attached barn?

Check out one of our older posts on how to plan out your building, mistakes to avoid and questions to ask potential builders.

Or get in touch with us at Integrity Post Structures and we can help you work through the process of building your dream riding arena. It’s more affordable than you might think.

A Simple Secret to Minimize Hay Loss & Waste

Want your hay to retain its quality and value for as long as possible? Sure. Who wouldn’t.

One of the easiest and best ways you can do this is by storing it indoors.

According to North Dakota State University and the U.S. Department of Agriculture,”Studies have shown outdoor storage losses range between 5 and 35 percent depending on the amount of precipitation, storage site location, and original condition of the bale.Storage losses are usually reduced by approximately two-thirds with indoor storage…”


“Storage losses can be significant, depending on the amount and type of precipitation, type of bale, and storage method. In some cases, it may be necessary to use indoor storage to preserve nutrients in high quality hays.” NDSU & USDA

Flexible designs for hay shelters

Integrity hay sheds can be configured in a variety of ways: sheeted walls to the ground on one or more sides, roof and posts only and more.

Post frame hay shed

Post frame hay shed


Flexibile hay shed designs

Flexibile hay shed designs


What to look for in a hay shed

While everyone’s needs vary, below is a quick list of options to consider for your shelter:

  1. Strong posts
  2. Available in cold storage, insulated or combination customized to your operation
  3. Straight walls to 24’ to give you maximum usable space allowing you to stack bales tightly against the walls
  4. Low maintenance interiors and exteriors
  5. Strong metal: our full 3/4” rib (large rib) metal gives our buildings more strength than the competitors
  6. Interlocking truss-to-post connection: our saddled truss connection gives secure fastening through the whole post. This means a better load transfer from the roof to the walls
  7. Full range of available colours
  8. Great service guarantee
  9. Industry-leading warranty

See some examples of hay shelters and start planning out your building.

Why work all year only to lose hay and erode profits? Increase your farm’s profitability with affordable indoor hay storage.

What everybody ought to know about concrete posts

Relatively new to Canada, the Perma-Column, combines the best of both worlds for post frame buildings: cost-effective wood posts with longer-lasting, durable concrete.

Find out what makes the Perma-Column special in this two-part series with Bob Meyer & Phillip Stoller of Perma-Column on their recent trip to Alberta-based Integrity Post Structures.




New home for Integrity Post Structures

A growing business needs the right building to maximize productivity and efficiency. Integrity Post Structures is no different. There was no question about the need for new commercial operating facilities to keep up with increased demand for Integrity buildings based in Okotoks, Alberta.

Integrity Post Structures Commercial Building

Integrity Post Structures Commercial Building

Met a number of needs

The new operating HQ has met a variety of needs for the company by providing much-needed manufacturing space, logistical advantages for shipping, and roadside visual presence.

Shop exterior of post frame HQ

Shop exterior of HQ

Unique design

This building has a unique combination of utility (manufacturing and cold storage) and new western style for the office area that reflects the flavour of the region. It also effectively combines two types of finishing: metal siding for the utility section and Hardy board siding with stylish detailing.

Western-style design fits with business & community

Western-style design fits with business & community

Two levels for indoor office space

New retail space of Integrity Post Structures HQ located on the main floor and offices and meeting room upstairs.

Two levels for office space

Two levels for office space

Special Features

Fantastic 7,000 sq/ft of heated shop so we can continue our business out of the elements, 22,000 sq/ft of inside storage capability, 3,360 sq/ft of office and retail space. We love our 48’ wide bi-fold door that gives us great flexibility for some storage options.

Indoor heated shop section for comfortable working conditions

Indoor heated shop section for comfortable working conditions

Commercial building recommendation

Post frame construction is now the best possible solution for an endless variety of building requirements. Consider the advantages for large commercial buildings using the Perma-Column. It’s much more efficient than steel buildings with a great warranty for durability. Lastly, build for the future—consider building bigger than what your initial needs call for.

Hardie board siding on public entry

Hardie board siding on public entry

Contact us to get a quote on your next commercial building project.

Hangar Building | Tips for building your dream airplane hangar

Hangar construction and design can be easy and affordable. While hangars are sometimes referred to as glorified garages, they are a valuable asset—allowing you to minimize your plane’s maintenance time in the hangar and maximize your flying time.

Considering you’ve made a sizeable investment in your airplane—for hobby or professional use—you’re probably also thinking about the advantages of owning an aircraft storage building. A hangar allows you to work comfortably in the middle of winter and can be designed for a range of uses.

If you’re thinking of building a hangar, read these four tips first.

1. Determine how you will use your hangar

Your hangar will be used for airplane storage, but what other uses could your hangar serve? Hangars can vary from basic designs to complex. Consider including a workbench area where you can repair your aircraft in a comfortable, indoor environment. Many hangar owners have included mezzanines, maintenance areas, bathrooms and office space.


hangar interior

Doug Harvey’s hangar includes an area where he can repair his aircraft in comfort, out of the elements.


2. Size of your hangar

“I’ve never met a person who said they built too small,” says Al Williams, Integrity Post Structures partner. While you will develop your plans with your specific airport restrictions in mind, think big when planning your building. “It’s always easier to add square footage at the beginning of the project than at the end.”

Your aircraft hangar building can be engineered for many different airplane sizes. Consider the overall size of your plane or planes, what other equipment you may be storing in the hangar and additional functions your hangar may play.

Integrity Post Structures builds hangars with clearspans to 120’ to fit a wide range of planes.


Hangar airplane storage

64’ x 80’ x 18’ hangar building with 52’ x 18’ diamond bi-fold door

3. Choose your doors carefully

A popular choice for the main door is our Diamond bi-fold door that measures up to 90’ that allow for easy entries and exits with your aircraft. The bi-fold door is also a popular option because:
• Mount above clear opening so full headroom is maintained
• Heavy-duty steel construction with triple truss design resists wind loads and prevents sagging
• Door operation isn’t affected by wind, snow or ice
• Simply and securely locks from inside of building to keep your equipment safe.

Hangar owner Doug Harvey installed a 48’ Diamond bi-fold door as well as two overhead doors and walk-in doors for ease of access. “I put in the overhead doors so I can park my vehicle inside and just depart with the aircraft,” said Harvey.

Hangar door

Hangar door: 70' wide bi-fold with dual-drive operator

4. Extend the life of your building with Perma-Column concrete posts

Do you want your hangar to last? Then consider the benefit of concrete posts. A new option for Canadians, the Perma-Column for post frame is only available from Integrity Post Structures in Canada. These five foot precast concrete columns come with a lifetime guarantee. They keep wood out of the ground, ensuring your building’s foundation will last. They are the first product to combine the economy of post frame construction with the durability of a concrete foundation.

Many pilots who own or plan to own an aircraft want a hangar to protect their valuable aircraft from the elements. If you’re looking for a strong, engineered and long-lasting hangar, and some help with planning and design, contact Integrity Post Structures.

“I had several quotes but I chose Integrity because I found that they had the whole aspects of building a building together,” said Harvey. “I’m really happy with the way it was put together. The crew worked together very well, didn’t have to talk to each other to know what to do. The building turned out great. The corners weren’t out a quarter of an inch when it came to the corners.”

Find out more about hangars, see photos in our hangar building gallery, or hear more about Doug Harvey’s building on YouTube.

Tips on designing the ultimate acreage building

Post frame construction—or pole sheds as they have been referred to—have come a long way over the decades. Today’s post frame builders can offer new design styles and accessories to modernize the look and style of your acreage property.

Acreage buildings can be designed specifically for a customer’s needs. Whether you want a building for RVs, machinery or hay storage, hobbies like car restoration, animals or a working shop, or a combination, the open plan capabilities of a post frame building can achieve a variety of your goals.

Trends in Acreage Buildings

  • Hip Roof Barn Style

Gone are the days of inefficient hip roof barns. We can now combine the efficiency of post frame building materials for these unique styles of buildings. Hip roof barns can be designed for a variety of uses including storage and insulated work and play areas.

Hip roof barn

36’ x 72’ x 12’ Hip Roof Barn

Side view: Hip Roof Barn

Side view: Hip Roof Barn

Mezzanine Hip Roof Barn

View from Mezzanine of Hip Roof Barn

Rec Space Hip Roof Barn

Recreational Space in Hip Roof Barn

  • Hardie Board Siding

Integrity offers James Hardie siding as an additional attractive option to metal for acreage buildings, barns or commercial buildings. Made of fibre cement, James Hardie siding products are more durable than vinyl or wood/wood composite, siding but have the look and warmth of real wood without the maintenance hassles. They come in a wide range of colour options. Find out more about Hardie siding.

Acreage building with Hardie Board siding and vaulted truss

Acreage building with Hardie Board siding and vaulted truss

Hardie Board siding: Acreage building matches house

Hardie Board siding: Acreage building matches house

  • Combination Buildings

Why settle for a single use building when you probably have a number of roles you would like your building to play? Post frame designs offer close to unlimited flexibility. Designs can include a cold storage area, insulated workshop, office, bathroom, kitchen and more.

 40' x 72' x 16' Acreage Building with attached 20' x 72' x 10' lean-to

40' x 72' x 16' Acreage Building with attached 20' x 72' x 10' lean-to

56’ x 30’ x 10’ Storage Building with four 10’ x 8’ overhead doors

56’ x 30’ x 10’ Storage Building with four 10’ x 8’ overhead doors

Acreage building

Acreage building: barn and shop

Bathroom in acreage building

Bathroom in acreage building

  • Accessories

Add a variety of custom options from wainscoting, soffit, dormers, decks, mezzanines, lean-tos, doors, Perma-Column concrete post technology and more, it’s easy to add your own personal touch to your building.

Wainscoting on acreage building

Wainscoting on acreage building

Custom dormers

Custom dormers add a personal touch

Consider the options you have with a modern post frame acreage building. Find out more about acreage buildings or get in touch with us and we can take you on a tour of a building in your area.

How to design a multi-purpose hay shelter

You already know about the benefits of storing your hay inside: better overall quality of hay and preventing loss by keeping bales tighter.

But you may have other uses you can incorporate into your hay shelter. A multi-purpose hay shelter can be designed in a variety of ways to meet your specific needs. Have farm equipment you want to store? A barn for horses or livestock? Calving bays for cattle?

Integrity hay barns can be configured in a variety of ways: sheeted walls to the ground on one or more sides, lean-tos, roof and posts only, and more.

See how people like you have customized their buildings to meet their storage needs.

Have different needs? Get in touch with us at Integrity Post Structures and we’ll help you design a multi-purpose hay storage building that is perfect for your farm operation.

Top tips from post frame building owners

Real design tips from real post frame building owners. You’ll see there’s one thing in common with all–plan for the future.

“Think about the size of equipment that you currently use and could possibly use in the future. Go visit other similar operations with new shops and sheds to get ideas. Take your time and be sure to build something exactly what you want. The sales staff at Integrity Post greatly assisted us in the planning.”

~ Marty Metzger, Valley Ridge Farms, Machine Shed and Don Metzger, Donjo Farms, Farm Shop

“Build the building you want and need when all of your plans are done. Don’t cut costs on your building and go with upgrades. My building is built to commercial standards.”

~ Heather Maskell, Wheatland Equestrian, riding arena

“Build to the maximum width, which economically for me was 90’. It allows us to do almost any exercise with horses from running barrel patterns to working cows. The 90’ is very important—and make it as long as you can depending on regulations in your area.

~ Pat Weirzba, riding arena

“Make sure you build for the future. I had my building constructed in a way that takes potential ways we could use the building into account—make sure that things go in there for the future. I’ve had this indoor arena built in a way that I can put a lean-to along the whole side. I also put doors in all areas, whether I use them right away or not. The guys at Integrity are really great at helping you plan out and walking you through the process and have great attention to detail.”

~ Sheldon Kennedy, riding arena, machine shed, hay shed

Siewart’s building is designed to accommodate large farm equipment like air seeders. The drive-through design–with two large bi-fold doors on each end wall–allows him to move machinery with ease. “I like the two bi-fold doors so I can drive my equipment right through. That’s great.”

~ Stan Siewart, machine shed


Want more expert advice on how to design your building? Contact us at Integrity Post Structures and we’ll help you plan out the perfect building to meet your needs today and for the future.

Barn design: consider the uses

Post frame barns—or pole sheds as they have been referred to—have come a long way over the decades. Today’s post frame builders can offer new barn design styles and accessories for a modern style and layout.  

A multi-purpose barn can be designed in a variety of ways to meet your specific needs. Have machinery or feed you want to store? Box or classic stalls? Make your life (and your horse’s) easier by including features like a wash bay, tack room and more—the open plan capabilities of a post frame barn are perfect for your equine operation.

Trends in horse barn design

New trends we are seeing in horse barn concepts:

  • Hip Roof Barn Style

Gone are the days of inefficient hip roof barns. We can now combine the efficiency of post frame building materials for this unique style of building. Hip roof barns can be designed for a variety of uses including storage and insulated work areas.

Hip roof barn

36’ x 72’ x 12’ Hip Roof Barn

  • Combination Use Barn

Why settle for a single use barn when you probably have a number of roles you need it to play. Post frame designs give you (almost) unlimited flexibility. Think big about all of the ways you could use your barn: cold storage area for your tractor, feed storage, insulated area for office, bathroom or kitchen, classic or box stalls, wash bay, tack room and more.

Attached barn interior

Attached barn interior with box stalls

Finished interior of barn with box stalls

Finished interior of barn with box stalls

Hay storage inside barn

Hay storage inside barn

Barn interior with box stalls

Barn interior with box stalls

  • Accessories

Add a variety of custom options from wainscoting, soffit, dormers, decks, mezzanines, lean-tos, doors, Perma-Column concrete post or Hardie Board siding, it’s easy to add your own personal touch to your barn.

32’ x 36’ x 12’ Barn with 12’ x 36’ lean-to

32’ x 36’ x 12’ Barn with 12’ x 36’ lean-to

Custom dormers

Custom dormers

When you have a passion for horses, a well-designed barn is an important investment for practical reasons—including the health of your horses. Have questions on design? We have years of experience in horse barn design and construction.Get in touch with us at Integrity Post Structures for a free quote.

One simple way to protect farm equipment: machine sheds

For any size farming operation, machinery can be a large and important investment. Building a machinery storage shed is one simple way that farmers can keep their operations running smoothly, decrease down time and lower repair costs.

Storing farm equipment indoors means better resale value, lower repair cost

Research done by the University of Georgia showed that farmers who stored equipment inside got much more for resale after five years than those who left it outside. Keeping equipment inside also means more savings from reduced down time. In fact, equipment stored outside had twice the down time than if it had been stored indoors.

Planning a multi-purpose building

Why settle for a single use building when you probably have a number of roles you would like it to play? Post frame designs offer flexibility with clear span interiors and unlimited length. Designs can include a cold storage area, insulated workshop, office, bathroom and more. Consider the following elements when planning your building:

Posts—the base of strength for any post frame building

Farmers now have two options to choose from in the Canadian market: traditional wood or new concrete posts. When researching traditional wood posts, make sure they can stand up to the elements. Laminated posts should be made from #2 spruce or better wood, pressed together with plates, glued and nailed with 4” nails.

Perma-Column posts are a new option available for Canadian farmers. Exclusive to Integrity in Canada, Perma-Columns are 5’ precast concrete and come with a lifetime guarantee. They have three times the strength of standard concrete with a compressive strength of 10,000 PSI. The concrete columns keep wood out of the ground and are the first product to combine the economy of post frame construction with the durability of a concrete foundation.

Doors: type and placement

Think carefully about what type of doors you need and how best to place them throughout your building to ensure the best workflow.

Stan Siewart, a large grain operator from Blackie, Alberta, has a machine shed to store his house large farm equipment like air seeders. Siewart’s drive-through design includes two large bi-fold doors on each end wall that allow him to move machinery with ease. “I can drive my equipment right through the building thanks to the bi-fold doors on each end. I don’t have to worry about backing up,” says Siewart.

Bi-fold doors on opposite ends of machine shed make moving equipment a breeze

When designing your building, think of how you will be using the doors, different types of doors you will need, and the most logical flow of traffic to help direct where you would place the doors. We recommend placing large doors in the end walls of your post frame building for structural integrity and so snow doesn’t fall directly in front of them—making it easier for you to enter and exit your building during the winter.

Consider whether your building will be insulated now or in the future. Sliding doors are a popular and economical option for machine sheds designed for cold storage. If you have larger equipment or will be insulating, consider overhead or bi-fold doors for high clearance.

The increasing size of today’s farm equipment requires increasingly larger door openings. Avoid unpleasant surprises by taking measurements of your equipment and carefully verify your needs.

Use natural lighting where possible

On an uninsulated building, reduce your energy costs with a clear ridge light that allows natural sunlight in for the length of your building. The smoke wall light is another great option, which cuts down on glare.

Select the best location

Analyze the topography of the site where you are preparing to build. Is the land is rolling, level or sloped? Which direction does the wind come into your yard? Make sure to plan enough room for yards, driveways, walkways and thoroughfares to other buildings.

Choose a location that will allow proper water drainage from all four corners of your building. We can help you by transiting your site.  A transit level is used to locate level building lines. Remember to consider the finished building height (think trees) as well when choosing your building site.

Don Metzger of Donjo Farms has a 60’ x 120’ x 20’ cold storage farm equipment shed built with Perma-Column concrete posts. It is used to protect farm machinery from the weather and ensure that valuable equipment lasts longer and retains its value. The building has two 45’ x 20’ bi-fold doors in the end walls and two walk-in doors. A ridge light runs the length of the building.

Measure equipment carefully when planning your building

Metzger gives advice for prospective buyers. “Think about the size of equipment that you currently use and could possibly use in the future. Go visit other similar operations with new shops and sheds to get ideas. Take your time and be sure to build something exactly what you want. The sales staff at Integrity Post greatly assisted us in the planning.”

Get more ideas and options on how to plan out your machine shed by getting touch with the team at Integrity Post Structures.




Report from 2012 Frame Building Expo: St. Louis, MO

Jerry Myer (and me) give you an update from the National Frame Building Association’s 2012 Frame Building Expo, happening right now in St. Louis, Missouri. Here’s our take on what’s up and coming in the post frame industry.

Our website: tell us what you think!

We want to make our website the best place for you to find information on post frame buildings. Tell us how we can make it better by completing this short survey (we promise) and get entered to win a $50 gift card from Tim Hortons.

Integrity joins National Frame Building Association

Integrity Post Structures has recently joined the National Frame Building Association (NFBA), the only national trade association that represents post-frame industry professionals. The association is a primary source of post-frame building resources, research, networking, news and education.

“We are proud to announce our membership in the NFBA,” says partner, Al Williams. “By becoming a member, we will be one of the first post frame companies in Canada to learn about the latest techniques and best practices in post frame construction from our American counterparts.”

The NFBA is a non-profit trade association that promotes the interests of the post frame construction industry and its member professionals in the U.S. The NFBA recently held its 2012 Frame Building Expo in St. Louis, Missouri, where over 1,000 building professionals met for education sessions and to share industry trends and practices.

Hear more from Integrity Post Structures’ partners Jerry Myer and Al Williams on the recent expo at the Integrity Post Structures blog.

Integrity Post Structures specializes in the construction of post frame buildings across western Canada. Their buildings meet or exceed the most demanding engineering specifications for durability at a reasonable price. See for more information.

Website Survey Winner

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Lindsay Kary is the winner of the $50 Tim Hortons gift certificate!

Vote for Jerry!

Integrity Post Structures’ Jerry Myer nominated for Profit Magazine’s National 2012 FuEL Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards

Jerry Myer, partner at Integrity Post Structures based in Okotoks, Alberta,  has just been nominated for Profit Magazine’s 2012 FuEL Awards for young entrepreneurs.

Celebrating Canada’s future entrepreneurial leaders, the FuEL Awards will honour the achievements and aspirations of entrepreneurs under the age of 30, identify role models for progressive business practices and inspire youth to make entrepreneurship their number one career choice.

“I’m thrilled to be nominated,” says Myer. “I know our company has been on the right track with an old-fashioned approach to customer service and, at the same time, constantly looking to innovate and improve our product.”

Jerry Myer

Jerry needs your vote!

Since opening just four years ago, Integrity Post Structures has achieved rapid growth. From erecting 90 buildings in their first year, they are currently on track to building  close to 300 buildings across Western Canada in 2012.

They lead the Canadian post frame industry with innovation and are the exclusive Canadian distributor for the patented Perma-Column. This precast concrete column is the only product that allows for a concrete foundation on post frame building in Canada. Today, more than 50 percent of their buildings are built with Perma-Columns

But to win, Jerry needs your vote. Votes from the general public will count for 20% of each candidate’s total score, with the remainder determined by a panel of judges.

Anyone—you, your family, friends and business contacts—can vote for him online.

How to Vote: FuEL Awards

  1. Create an account to login or you can login through Facebook online. It only takes 30 seconds to create an account and the page will remember you after this.
  2. Find Jerry’s candidate profile.
  3. Vote once a day, every day until the end of July.
  4. Tell your friends, family and contacts. Jerry’s nomination was submitted later in the process than others, so they have a jump on us. But we know we can catch up!

Founding partners of the FuEL Awards include PROFIT Magazine and Impact Entrepreneurship Group. The winner will be profiled on the FuEL Awards website and in an extensive editorial package in the December 2012 issue of PROFIT Magazine.

How to write review on Google+ Local

Help get the word out about Integrity Post Structures to people in your area who may need a building by writing a review on Integrity Post Structures on Google+ Local. It’s easy with this step-by-step instruction manual. Get started writing your Google+ Local review now>>

Colour Trends for Post Frame Buildings: 2012

An attractive building can add value and complement your acreage, farming operation or business. After planning out the critical details of a building like size, door types, insulated versus cold storage, we find that one of the most difficult decisions for people comes when choosing colours.

“Post frame buildings with their clean lines and custom options are now a true attractive alternative to traditional building types,” says Al Williams of Integrity Post Structures. “Gone are the days of galvanized, utility style buildings. With a wide range of colours and styles, the post frame building can now add real curb appeal to your property and increase its value.” 

Thanks to the broad range of coloured metal available today—as well as new siding options like Hardie Board—buildings are becoming much more personalized to match individual tastes. “We are seeing a move to clean lines with contrasting trim versus the traditional panel stripe,” said Williams. “The exterior wall colours range from neutrals and whites to dark reds and greens, to name just a few options.”

Commercial building

Commercial building with contrasting walls, trim and roof


riding arena

Riding arena with bright red walls, white trim and dark roof


Airplane hangar

Airplane hangar with neutral walls and copper trim sets a distinctive tone


Storage building green

Storage building and shop looks crisp with green walls, white trim and roof


Machine shed

Farm machine storage shed with neutral walls, contrasting colour on trim and overhead door


Hardie Board acreage building

New options for post frame siding include attractive and durable Hardie Board siding to complement acreage styles today


Post frame barn

Barn with white walls, trim and green roof

Interior Wall Colours

A white metal interior makes for a bright, easy to clean indoor space. “Bright white metal walls are suitable for essentially all types of buildings,” says Williams. “This classic colour gives a fresh look to the interior and allows for good light reflection. The result: bright, clear interiors. ”

Depending on the type of building (commercial use, for example), walls can also be installed with drywall, which makes for an endless choice of colours. 

Hangar interior

Interior of airplane hangar with bright white walls and ceiling


Commercial building interior walls

Commercial building interior walls

Need more inspiration? Take a look through our photo gallery to get ideas from other buildings. Or get in touch with us so we can show you the colour palette in person.

Marvin Haubrich joins Integrity team

Integrity Post Structures is pleased to announce the appointment of Marvin Haubrich as the new salesperson for Southern Saskatchewan.

With life-long roots in rural Saskatchewan, Haubrich understands the needs of the farmers and ranchers. He ran a bulk fuel, fertilizer and chemical operation for 10 years and has been in sales and service positions for over 30 years.

“The top priority for me is customer service. It always has been—that’s never going to change,” says Haubrich.

“I am very proud to join the Integrity team,” said Haubrich. “The management of this company has demonstrated the importance of integrity in all aspects of their business and have a reputation for excellence. I look forward to helping build on its previous successes, particularly as the company expands its service in Saskatchewan.”

Marvin will be based out of Hodgeville, Sasktachewan and can be reached at 306-750-2869 or by email.

Marvin Haubrich, Southern Saskatchewan salesperson with Integrity Post Structures

Marvin Haubrich, Southern Saskatchewan salesperson with Integrity Post Structures

Integrity Post Structures specializes in the construction of post frame buildings across Western Canada. Their buildings meet or exceed the most demanding engineering specifications for durability at a reasonable price.


For more information, contact Jo Williams
403-827-9820 or by email

Integrity launches new venture

They saw a void in the market and a pair of Okotoks business partners has stepped in to fill the vacuum and they have done so with impressive success.

Al Williams and Jerry Myer started Integrity Post Structures in Okotoks in 2008 and the business has grown substantially in just a few years.

Integrity Post built about 90 buildings its first year and business doubled in year two. Now, it is expected they will build more than 350 post frame buildings across western Canada in the next year.

Jerry Myer & Al Williams, partners at Integrity Post Structures

Jerry Myer & Al Williams, partners at Integrity Post Structures

“We have excellent crews who build excellent buildings,” said Williams of their business’ success. “Our reputation is preceeding us now. We have a strong reputation because our products our more refined and we build quality buildings.”

However, despite the success of Integrity Post Buildings Myer and Williams are always watchful of changes in the industry.

One glaring issue they were faced regularly was comments from contractors regarding the lack of a facility where they could get everything they needed under one roof whether it was trusses, lumber, drywall, joists or even quality tools.

After listening to the concerns of some of their customers Williams and Myer saw a new business.

“This is a very exciting opportunity about to happen,” said Williams. “A lot of homebuilders have an issue with buying trusses, lumber, supplies and service in one place. We are taking a new approach.”

Their new approach is Integrity Building Products which offers one-stop shopping for builders and contractors.

“Many contractors have talked about the need for a one-stop shop that offers service and convenience,” said Williams. “We felt there was a niche for this type of business in southern Alberta and plan on delivering on both quality products and timely service to the time-strapped contractor working within tight budgets.”

One of the main focuses on Integrity Building Products, and what sets it apart, is its ability to offer quick, convenient service at affordable prices.

Myer said one of the reasons they can offer their products at the best price is they work diligently to find their customers the best products and the best price.

“We are trying to change the game,” said Myer. “Today builders have to follow the market. Our game plan is to try to stabilize the market for our customers so they can avoid having to deal with what is a volatile market.”

Integrity Building Products has a partnership with Castle Building Group which also gives the Okotoks business credibility in the industry and access to buy wholesale.

Williams said it took the partners about two years to secure the affiliation with Castle and get Integrity Building Products off the ground.

The new business was launched in November and thus far business has been booming.

For example, when Williams and Myer first started integrity Post Structures they worked out of a 3,000-square-foot building. Now they have built a 37,000-square-foot facility just east of Okotoks on Highway 2 with plans to add another 20,000-square-foot building.

They now have 20 employees and 100 subcontractors across western Canada.

Myer said another strength is the majority of employees at Integrity are family and people who have roots in Okotoks meaning everyone on staff “has skin in the game” and wants to ensure the business is successful.

Long-time Okotokian Ervie Miller has been a customer of Integrity and he said it is easy to see why it has been successful.

“They are customer oriented and they are passionate about their work,” said Miller. “Their love their jobs and to be successful that is something you have to do.”

Miller would know, he started Miller Ag Supply in 1991 and has since sold it to his son Robert. It has been rebranded Miller Supply and is a fuel and lube distributor for southern Alberta and Saskatchewan.

As for Integrity Building Products Williams said they too have a long-term vision for their latest venture.

“We will be the preferred supplier for new home builders’ materials in the Calgary area,” he said.

It appears Myer and Williams are ready to build on what is already a strong foundation in the community.

For more information on Integrity see or

Published by the Western Wheel, March 6, 2013
By John Barlow

Calgary Herald: From post-frame building company to supply superstore

Integrity focuses on service and innovation

Al Williams and Jerry Myer started their post-frame building company in Okotoks in 2008.

From there the company has grown to include having the exclusive Canadian rights to cutting edge post-frame technology and last year opening a building supplies superstore as well.

Integrity Building Products owners Jerry Myer, left, and Al Williams

Integrity Building Products owners Jerry Myer, left, and Al Williams are helping to supply building materials to contractors in Calgary and southern Alberta.
Photograph by: Colleen De Neve, Calgary Herald

“We act as broker for contractors and for builders so they can find the best quality products for the best price. We offer them a service. We try to set ourselves apart from what’s out there right now with our service and our delivery and our pricing. We use integrity and honesty more or less in the way that we drive this company,” said Myer.

Integrity Post Structures Ltd., a construction company building post-frames across Western Canada, started in 2008. Integrity Building Products Ltd., a building supplies superstore, began in 2012.

Today, they have 19 employees.

“When we started the company Al had come from a sales background in the post-frame industry and I had come from a construction background in the landscaping and construction industry in Calgary,” says Myer. “We started the company knowing that the only way we could sustain ourselves in that market was to come up with a better product, higher quality construction and newer, innovative products that would go into our buildings to try to set ourselves apart from our competition.”

One of its featured products is the Perma Column which is a concrete foundation for posts.

“We’re the only ones in Canada that carry this product that use it for our buildings,” says Williams.

“Post-frame construction is a traditional way of constructing agricultural buildings across the Prairies. Post-frame construction has been around since the early 1960s and it’s been used in many, many applications for agriculture, for machine storage, farm shops, riding arenas, hay sheds. That’s what we build.”

They have 12-14 construction crews and build about 300 buildings across Western Canada.

“Over the last few years, there’s been a big need for these buildings in a commercial application because they’re built very, very efficiently in terms of costs,” says Williams. “They’re built very, very efficiently in terms of the speed they go up. One thing they always were missing was a proper foundation so traditionally wood would go into the ground and we joined up with a company out of the States called Perma Column and they build a concrete foundation pre-casted that sits at the bottom of a pole.”

Williams says there’s about 20,000 post-frame buildings throughout Western Canada and about 4,000 of them get built every year.

Integrity Building Products is a wholesale superstore for contractors, renovators, and new home construction servicing the Calgary and area market.

It specializes in new home construction packages; renovation solutions; garage packages; and decking and fencing alternatives. It also specializes in bringing new and innovative products to the mainstream contractor and consumer.

By Mario Toneguzzi, Calgary Herald March 31, 2013

Integrity Building Products/Integrity Post Structures

Description: Building supplies superstore and post-frame construction company

Owners: Al Williams and Jerry Myer

Established: 2008 (Post Structures); 2012 (Building Products)

Employees: 19

Head Office: 48223 338 Avenue East, Okotoks, close to the Saskatoon Berry Farm

Phone: (403)-938-9376


© Copyright (c) The Calgary Herald

Read original article here>>

Perma-Columns: oil & gas buildings

Thanks to the new Perma-Column technology that keeps wood out of  the ground, the  oil and gas industry now has a new efficient alternative for operations, commercial  or warehousing buildings.

New and exclusive to Integrity Post Structures in Canada, Perma-Columns are precast concrete columns that allow for a concrete foundation on a post frame building. These five foot precast concrete columns keep wood out of the ground, ensuring your building’s foundation will last. They are the first product to combine the economy of post frame construction with the durability of a concrete foundation.

Commercial post frame buildings are engineered to commercial specifications for the oil and gas industry. In fact, Integrity Post Structures is quickly becoming the top choice of many oil and gas project managers, counting on us to deliver high quality, energy efficient buildings constructed to industry requirements.

[slideshow gallery_id=”1″]

With options like wide clear-spans to 120’, our buildings are ideal for the energy industry giving you unobstructed space to layout your building to precise requirements. Whether you need multiple bays with overhead doors, large equipment storage or multi-purpose use that may include commercial office space, we have the proven oil & gas construction expertise to provide you the building you need. See more buildings on our photo gallery here>>

Find out more about post frame buildings for the oil & gas industry by clicking here>>

New Integrity Post Disc supports posts for an even better building

In response to market demand for the Integrity Post Structure’s high-performance Perma-Column technology, we are excited to announce new cutting edge technology that will further advance the Canadian post frame industry. The new Integrity Post Disc supports the Perma-Column concrete post, by allowing for post frame construction in soils with low-bearing capacity or high water tables. The disc can also be used to support standard posts.

The engineered disc, which sits under the post, helps limit settlements thanks to its extended surface areas by evenly distributing the column loading to the surrounding sub-grade. Made of injection-molded plastic, the innovative honeycomb design ensures the disc stays in position under the post.

New Integrity Post Disc hits the post frame market

New Integrity Post Disc hits the post frame market

“This application will help further extend the life of post frame buildings well into the future,” says Al Williams, Integrity Post Structures partner. “It is designed to withstand wet conditions and minimize frost heave. Customers need not worry that their posts will rot or breakdown in wet conditions with the combination of the Perma-Column concrete post and Integrity Post Disc.”

“The advanced Integrity Post Frame building technology is taking the post frame industry in Canada forward by leaps and bounds,” said Williams. “We are providing a product for farmers, business owners, equestrians and more, with structural integrity in an efficient way.”

 Click here to download the Perma-Column specs with Integrity Post Disc (PDF)

Click here to download the Standard Post specs with Integrity Post Disc (PDF)

Find out more about the benefits of the new Integrity Post Disc here>>



Building in the winter months

The most often asked question we get at this time of year is, “Can you build in the winter?” Our answer is YES, we can indeed build in the winter.

If you are thinking about a new building, here are a few reasons why it may be more advantageous to book and build now versus in the busy spring and summer months.

Building post frame in winter

Crew putting up a post frame building in winter.

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New fire hall for residents of Dalum, Alberta

The community of Dalum, Alberta, is served by 15 volunteer firefighters who make up the Dalum Fire Protection Association (DFPA). These dedicated volunteers help protect over one million acres of land from fire and motor vehicle accidents.

But they have been in desperate need of a new fire hall for some time.

“We have six trucks in a three-bay facility with absolutely no room to even walk around, ” says volunteer Fire Chief Albert Jensen.

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Stand-alone buildings much stronger than add-on’s to existing structures

It’s a question I’m often asked. That being: “I’d like to add on to an existing building instead of starting from scratch. The building is good enough and I have a plan. Can you do that?”

While you may think that adding on to existing will save you money in the short-term, consider some of the benefits of detached, stand-along buildings—and the risks you may run into when attaching on to current structures.

The recent rash of building collapses across Western Canada due to heavy snowload highlights the importance of constructing your building to code—and doing it in the strongest possible manner. Building stand-alone, robust structures can help mitigate your risk, versus adding on to an existing building which may weakening a building’s structural integrity.

Strong stand-alone buildings better choice

Strong stand-alone buildings better choice

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Bumper harvest and transportation bottleneck has farmers looking for grain storage

Take a bumper harvest across Western Canada, add a grain transportation bottleneck, and you’ve got many farmers across the prairies left searching for crop storage solutions.

Grain storage Western Canada in tight supply

Grain storage in Western Canada in tight supply

In January’s Western Producer, Errol Anderson a market analyst with ProMarket Consulting in Calgary, says the magnitude of this year’s crop will put a strain on rail car capacity and grain companies with commercial storage already tight–and likely to become tighter.

Dual-Purpose Grain Storage Buildings

The good news is that farmers can now look to post frame buildings to help ease their grain storage woes.

We can build you a grain storage building that will offer the proper conditions to maximize your profits.

Our grain storage solutions are flexible can be customized to meet your needs. You can actually get extra value for your money with our building packages—when not needed for grain storage, you can stow your farm machinery in the same space.

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How to prepare your site before construction

 Good news–you’re building a post frame building! Before we get started, it’s important that you follow a number of recommendations to ensure your site is prepped and ready for the crew to arrive. “In my experience of building hundreds of post frame buildings across Western Canada, you’ll have the best experience–and building–if you take some extra time to prepare your site well before the crew arrives,” says Al Williams, partner at Integrity Post Structures. “A well-prepared site can make the construction process run much more smoothly and efficiently.”

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Livestock shelters important for animals in cold weather

With the extreme winter conditions we have been experiencing across Western Canada, it is important to ensure that  livestock–cattle, horses and other farm animals–have appropriate areas to seek shelter from the cold and wind. Wind chill and cold may reduce the animal’s temperature to below critical level, resulting in a decrease in weight gain and milk yield.
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Perma-Column +Integrity Post Disc = Slam dunk for post frame

If you’re seeking the most durable, advanced post option in post frame construction, explore the new advanced technique which combines the Perma-Column with the Integrity Post Disc.
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What’s it like having an Indoor Riding Arena?

Pat Weizba hired Integrity Post Structures to build an indoor riding area and he couldn’t be happier. “Riding in here with the 20-foot high walls is really worth it,” says Pat. “The building is 100% insulated. While we have no heat in the riding area at all, it’s really comfortable and we can ride out here all winter.”

“The most important part was to get the maximum width of 90 feet. It allows us to do almost any exercise we want with horses, from running barrel patterns to working cows.”Continue Reading »

Customized Commercial Buildings

Beyond the typical farm use, post frame buildings are also widely used in commercial projects because of their cost-effective, practical applications. Wide clear-spans up to 120’ mean unobstructed space to lay out the building exactly as needed, whether it’s multiple bays with overhead doors, office space or warehousing large equipment.

Bruce Anderson knew Integrity Post Structures would be the best company to take care of constructing a commercial building for him. “We are very satisfied with our shop,” says Bruce. “It was done in a timely manner and any minor issues were dealt with immediately and satisfactorily. We have recommended Integrity to others and would not hesitate to recommend them in the future.”

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Machinery Storage Sheds Help Lower Repair Costs

Farm equipment is a large and important investment. By storing equipment inside a machinery storage shed, your operation runs more smoothly by reducing down-time and lowering machinery repair costs. Integrity Post Structures provides a diverse range of machinery storage solutions.

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Airplane Hangars Help Extend the Life of Your Plane

Doug Harvey contacted several companies about the possibility of building an airplane hangar. After careful consideration, he chose Integrity Post Structures. “I’m really happy with the way it was put together,” says Doug. “The crew worked together very well. The building turned out great.”

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Acreage Buildings: Functional and Attractive

An acreage building is the perfect addition if you love the ranch and country lifestyle. These buildings can store recreational vehicles and animals or can be designed as a combination building. Integrity Post Structures builds functional and attractive acreage buildings with superior finishing, attention-to-detail and skill—an important factor when you want a building to increase the value of your property.

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How Farm Shops Make Your Life Easier

Farm Shop

48′ x 36′ x 12′ farm shop, built by Integrity Post Structures.

Ever dream of owning a farm shop where you can work comfortably in the middle of winter? A farm shop is more affordable than you might think and can be designed for many uses.

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A Proven Way to Save Your Hay Bales

Hay Sheds: Storing Hay Indoors Saves Bales

Hay Barn 3

72′ x 200′ x 20′ hay shed. Built by Integrity Post Structures.

Protect the value of your hay by storing it in an inexpensive Integrity hay shed. How you store hay after baling can have a big effect on losses in both quantity and quality. Bales stored indoors keep the amount of hay, tightness of bales and quality much better than hay stored outside.

Integrity hay sheds can be designed in several ways. One option is to have sheeted walls to the ground on one or more sides. You can also choose to build with roof and posts only and there are other options as well.

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Post Frame Buildings: Features and Options – Part 1

Our post frame buildings have a wide variety of features and options that allow you to customize a building for your specific needs. Experienced and knowledgeable staff at Integrity will go over all your options with you so that you get the building designed exactly the way you want.

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Commercial Buildings for the Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and Gas Building 1Are you thinking about constructing an oil and gas building for commercial use or warehousing? Integrity Post Structures can engineer and build strong post-frame buildings to commercial specifications. In fact, Integrity Post Structures is rapidly becoming the top choice for commercial buildings.

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More Options for Post Frame Buildings – Part 2

Our post frame buildings have a wide variety of features and options so that you can customize a building for your specific needs. Experienced and knowledgeable staff at Integrity will go over all your options with you so that you get the building designed exactly the way you want.
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Featured Project: Riding Arena

Blair Rusnack sought the services of Integrity Post Structures to construct a riding arena he could use for roping. He wanted a cost-effective building with a high insulation value, which would be efficient to operate and maintain.

Integrity Riding Arena

Blair Rusnack’s 250’ x 100’ riding arena

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Integrity Post Structures sponsors the 2014 Bohnet’s Barrel Barn Futurity and Derby

Integrity Post Structures was proud to have sponsored the Bohnet’s Barrel Barn barrel racing futurity and derby this past July.

“We would like to thank you very much for your generous donation to our derby,” says Lana Bohnet, of Bohnet’s Barrel Barn. “We had a lot of participants and many compliments on the prizes that were awarded that weekend. It would not have been possible to hold this event without great sponsors like yourselves.”


Bohnet’s Barrel Barn Riding Arena


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Tips on Planning a Machine Shed for Large Equipment

Farm equipment is a large and important investment. Keep your operation running smoothly, cut down-time and lower repair costs by investing in a practical machinery storage shed.

Machinery Shed 1

60’ x 150’ x 18’ machinery shed. Built by Integrity Post Structures.

A machinery shed enhances many aspects of farm operations.

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Keep your horses healthy with a horse shelter

If you want to keep your horses in the best shape, consider  investing in a budget-friendly horse shelter.

Horse Shelter

12’ x 24’ x 18’ livestock shelter. Built by Integrity Post Structures.

A ready-to-move shelter shades your horses from the hot sun, allows them to escape flies, and protects them from the wind, heavy rain and snow. Integrity livestock shelters are designed to be naturally ventilating and adaptable.

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Integrity Post Structures Sponsors Local 4-H Club

Integrity Post Structures announced today it is supporting the Okotoks Outriders 4-H Horse Club (4-H Club) with a $5,000 donation. Integrity will be sponsoring the 4-H Club programs for the 2014-15 season, which focus on equine education, leadership and agriculture for youth ranging from age six to 17.

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Integrity Post Structures wins award

October 22, 2014 (Okotoks, AB) Agri-Trade is pleased to announce the 2014 Winners of the Ag Innovation Award as selected by an independent group of local producers.  The three winning entries this year give farmers more choice, make things easier and are longer lasting.  Integrity Post Structures was chosen as a winner for the Perma-Column concrete post innovation.

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Integrity featured in Alberta Venture

Integrity Post Structures featured in Alberta Venture magazine, October 2014, “Building employee loyalty through honesty, fairness and good work.”

Simple principles and words to live by. Thank you to the fantastic Integrity team!

AB Venture Oct 2014


Machine Shed Equals Payback

Starting farm trucks in the bitter morning of a Saskatchewan winter can be a long, and sometimes costly, process. With harsh winds blowing the tarps off vehicles stored outside allowing snow to get in and brakes to freeze, Inno-Tech Farms owner Brent Sattler decided he needed a storage solution for his grain trucks and seeding equipment.

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Delivered as Promised: Redvers Fire Hall

If a bad storm passes through Redvers, Saskatchewan, the newly expanded Fire Hall is built to withstand it.

“When the expansion was designed, we made sure it would be built to last,” said Firefighter Brad Hutton. “Our fire hall will be the last building standing if we have disastrous weather come through here.”

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Riding in the warmth: Rick Butler on his new custom riding arena

One of Rick Butler’s main hobbies is horseback riding. But he was tired of riding outside in the cold during Alberta’s harsh winters. He had seen Integrity Post Structures’ office many times while driving along Highway 2, and decided to contact them about building a riding arena.

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How to Choose the Best Company For Your Farm/Barn Building?

Thinking about building a farm/barn building, machine shed, animal shelter equipment / food storage or a riding arena? There are many things you must take into consideration before fully committing to a builder, so make sure you do your homework! Post frame farm/barn builders such as Integrity Post Structures are 100% committed to delivering leading edge technology that includes the most durable post in the industry that guarantees a strong post frame building with longevity.

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What Are Perma-Column Posts?

Perma-Column Posts are precast concrete columns that allow for a concrete foundation on your post frame building. They are 5’ precast concrete columns that keep the wood out of the ground, ensuring your building’s foundation will last. There are many advantages of building with Perma-Column Posts starting with your building’s strength and its durability. Whether you are building a farm barn, storage sheds, farm shops or oil and gas buildings, Perma-Column Posts can help you with any construction project you may have.

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A Machine Storage Shed Will Protect Your Valuable Farm Equipment

Integrity Post Structures offers affordable storage sheds for your needs

Canadian winters are known to be very cold and can cause problems when starting a vehicle. The same applies to machinery, except on a larger scale. Your vehicle’s resale value is increased when it is parked indoors and the same applies for your machinery. This is due to the fact that machines in storage have a longer operating life, and require less maintenance. When analyzing the data, research shows that farmers who had their machinery in storage sheds received a higher trade-in credit than those who stored it outside. Make the smart choice when it comes to protecting your investment with a storage shed.

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The benefits of building a commercial building versus renting

Renting office space for your business can sometimes be very expensive in a long run. Instead, business owners can opt for constructing a new facility and enjoy the ownership of their office. In addition, buying a property can offer significant tax and equity advantage. Another advantages of choosing to build your office space by a commercial building builder is that you have the choice of design, wall textures and adornments to choose from to office space look more aesthetically appealing.
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Why Good Insulation is Important in Your Commercial Building

insulation-commercial-building-calgaryCommercial buildings provide space for storage and for special projects. Whether you need a place to store a plane, or you want to have a place to operate your own wood working shop, a commercial building has to be suitable to your needs. When putting a commercial building in place, it is important to remember to install proper insulation. Sufficient insulation will provide your commercial building with a number of additional benefits.

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Choosing Quality Lumber for a Post Frame Structure

post-frame-building-quality-lumberPost-frame buildings are gaining popularity in the industry over the past few decades. Companies, corporations and industries often choose these high-quality and sturdy frame building designs for their office or workplace. The design, construct and durability of the post frame buildings make them a better choice for industrial usage. Frame construction includes engineered wood-frame building system, laminated columns, steel framing and heavy concrete masonry. These buildings feature a strong, durable and exceptionally well-built interior façade.Continue Reading »


Did you know that Integrity Post Structures offers Turnkey Construction Services? If you need a new post frame building but don’t have the time or resources to manage the project yourself, we will supervise the site and trades and make sure that your new post frame building is built on time and within your budget. From building design, obtaining permits, site preparation, pouring of concrete floors to the installation of the electrical, plumbing, and interiors – we will take care of it all.
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Integrity sponsors 14-year-old winner of PTRA team roping season

Integrity Post Structures offers their congratulations to 14-year-old Tate Schmidt who finished the 2015/2016 team roping season as points leader in the open class category and won his first ever team roping saddle donated by Integrity. Schmidt comes from a long line of team ropers and is a member of the Pembina Team Roping Association (PTRA) of Mayerthorpe AB.
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When Forma Steel had to make the decision whom to use to build the new storage facility for all of their metal cladding, the answer was obvious: “We’ve seen the quality of the end product many times over and we knew how quickly the buildings get done” says James Coast, General Manager of Fort Macleod based Forma Steel.


Forma Steel’s new building
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Post Frame Airplane Hangars

Post frame buildings make hangar construction and design easy and affordable. Airplane hangars are a valuable asset, allowing you to minimize your plane’s maintenance and maximize your flying time.

Integrity Post Structures builders aircraft hangars with clear-spans up to 120’ to fit your airplanes. Whether you need a hangar for a large or small aircraft, our post frame buildings can provide a strong, durable structure that offers tremendous functionality and weather protection for your aircraft.

Install Offices, Maintenance Areas, & More

Your airplane hangar can range from simple to sophisticated. During the design process we can include mezzanines, maintenance areas, office space, and more.
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Post-Frame Acreage & Range Buildings

A post-frame building is a great solution for your acreage or ranch. The benefits of post frame construction are immense, from reduced construction costs to unrivaled durability and usefulness, and we’ve mastered the art of their design and build.

Unmatched Structural Rigidity, Integrity, & Longevity Thanks to Perma-Column

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Integrity’s CEO Accepted into Elite National Program

Okotoks, Alberta – Integrity Post Structures Ltd. is pleased to announce today that Jerry Myer, Owner/CEO has been selected to participate in the 2017 QuantumShift program. QuantumShift is an exclusive invitation-only leadership development program for 40 of Canada’s most promising entrepreneurs. Founded by KPMG Enterprise and the Ivey Business School at The University of Western Ontario, QuantumShift uses Ivey’s highly regarded case study method and award-winning faculty to help take the skills and talents of these entrepreneurs to the next level.
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Think Maintenance This Seeding Season

Efficiency is likely to be more important this seeding season than ever for many farmers. To squeeze as many acres into the tight seeding window as possible, the temptation is to jack up travel speed and many wonder if they should invest in higher-tech equipment. Those farmers will be looking in the wrong direction to improve efficiency, say equipment experts. The single biggest factor that will make or break one’s ability to seed quickly and effectively is equipment maintenance.
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5 Ways to Build Agricultural Buildings With Durability in Mind

60x120 Shop 14' lean to

If you’re going to build an agricultural building, you’d better do it right. It takes a durable structure to withstand the forces of mother nature, gravity, animals and more. We realize how enticing it can be to always choose the cheapest building option.  You see cheaper materials or services that seem equal to their more expensive alternatives, so you choose the cheaper option. A building’s a building after all, right?

Absolutely not. That’s like saying “a car’s a car,” but everyone knows a 1990 beater is definitely not equivalent to a brand-new Mercedes. There are a lot of details that go into a building, and those details – no matter how small – can make or break its durability.
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Customized Churches to Fit Your Congregation’s Needs

Whether your plans are to add-on to an existing sanctuary, build a new one or construct an activity center for your church, building projects can be challenging. We offer a wide variety of functional features and options to customize your house of worship. From sound-absorbing acoustical steel to exterior siding like brick and stone, your building can be created to fit your congregation’s needs. Choose an industry leading insulation option that saves on the operating costs of your facility year-round.
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Pricing an Integrity Building

48x80x16 Acreage Shop

One of the most critical things to remember when seeking a price for an Integrity building is that the most reliable source throughout the design process will always be your local salesman. The experienced sales team at Integrity are equipped with the knowledge to explain to a customer what a building will cost and why it will cost what it costs. They serve as the primary point of contact throughout the entire construction process – from the first customer inquiry until the moment the customer is handed the keys to their completed building.
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The Reviews Are In!

Customer feedback is vital to the success of a company and Integrity Post Structures is no exception. For years, we’ve solicited customer feedback after every completed building project in the form of a survey. We ask for feedback on the sales consultant, construction crew, the product, and overall satisfaction. We strongly encourage our customers to write their personal thoughts on the process, whether it be about the satisfaction they experienced or the items they would like to see improvement on.
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Book your Integrity Building today with only 10% down! This limited time offer will expire on March 30, 2018. Contact your local Integrity rep today:

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The small print – offer expires at midnight on March 30, 2018. 10% deposit is due at contract signing. 20% deposit is due two weeks before material delivery. Some conditions apply. Contact your sales rep for more information.

4 Reasons to Build your Farm Building this Winter

Have you been thinking about putting up a new farm building this year? While many people think about building in the spring, summer or fall, let me tell you why you should consider building your project this winter.

#1. Because it’s possible.

Thanks to southern Alberta’s climate and friendly chinooks, we can build post frame buildings all through the year. Compared to other parts of the country, southern Alberta has very little frost so we can set the posts the same way that we do in the warmer seasons. And at times, conditions can actually be ideal for building.

#2. You’ll get a better deal.

That’s right. The fact is that most construction companies are busiest from spring to fall. So if you want to save a little, book your farm building in the winter.

#3. To shelter your valuable livestock and farm equipment from the elements.

Why wait for next year? Research shows that livestock and equipment will perform better and retain value when stored indoors (or given the option to take a break from the cold and wind if you have cattle or horses).

#4. You’re flexible.

Of course, Mother Nature still rules the building schedule. Our crews are human and can’t function if a blizzard or extreme chill sets in. But compared to other building types, post frame buildings still go up pretty fast. Be prepared for a slightly longer build schedule.

If you decide to build over the winter, leave the snow on your site until a couple of days before the crew is scheduled to arrive. Snow cover will help insulate the ground from potential frost.

Get in touch with us for more tips on building in the winter and find out when we’ll be building in your area.

Busy Week at Trade Shows

Canada is a big place and we want to meet with our customers face to face. Trade Shows give us a chance to see some familiar faces and new ones. This week we are at trade shows in Calgary, Red Deer and Edmonton.

On November 7-8 at the BMO Centre in Calgary, we are at the BuildEX show with our Design Build Team. We can take your building from Concept to Completion. It’s your one stop for everything that needs to go into your completely finished buildings including concrete, electrical, plumbing and mechanical. Integrity Design Build does it all.

November 7-9 sees us at the Agri-Trade in Red Deer at the Westerner Park.

November 7-11 we will have a team at the Farm Fair International show at the Edmonton EXPO Centre.

Learn more about the innovations we put into our buildings to make them better.

We can’t wait to say hi.



The INTEGRITY BLACK FRIDAY WEEK SPECIAL!! Order your new Integrity Building starting today (Friday, November 23) until Thursday, November 29 with only 10% down and we will send you a prepaid VISA worth $2000. WOW! Get your building quote today at





by Hilary Klassen, Postmedia Content Works
Photos: Hilary Klassen

The option to lease farm buildings can offer some attractive benefits to farmers.

“The tax benefit for producers is the single biggest driving force behind leasing buildings,” said Curtis Gulka, account manager at National Leasing.

Leasing is one of the ways to acquire building assets on the farm. The big attraction for farmers is the ability to expense the payments against their income 100 per cent, rather than depreciating the purchase over a couple of decades.

The types of buildings being leased are typically pole sheds or shops that are primarily used for cold storage. Grain bins can be leased as well.

Two farmers south of Kindersley, Sask., made arrangements not long ago to build a shop and a shed, financing the project through leasing. Brad and Blaine Sautner took over the family farm from their father some years ago, raising their families there. The Sautner brothers are third-generation farmers; their grandfather started farming the land around 70 years ago.

The Sautners had previously leased bins and enjoyed the lease option because of the ability to expense the payments.

“With the lease, I know how much the payment is and that’s how much I’m taking off income tax,” said Blaine. “If you have to depreciate it, a lot of times it’s better to lease it.”

The Sautners found it easier to deal with a leasing company than to finance buildings through a bank.

“A few years ago with banking, you would talk to somebody in the office that you deal with, and then it had to go up the chain quite a few rungs before it actually got to the right person,” said Brad.

Their dealings with Gulka were more direct and approval was quick. They also avoided the kinds of requirements associated with bank draws.

While the Sautners opted for a seven-year lease, a shorter-term lease can come with even greater benefits. According to tax regulations, when you lease your building, you are able to treat the lease payments as an expense rather than depreciating your building as a capital cost. Your lease payments are usually tax deductible against your income each year of your lease term; in most cases, an asset that depreciates can be written off more quickly when it is leased. The shorter the lease term and the higher the individual or corporation’s effective tax rate, the more attractive leasing may be.

On a five-year lease, a farmer could save 20 years’ depreciation, give or take a year or two, Gulka said. He also said there is also a cash flow aspect to leasing that is often overlooked.
“If someone has $100,000, there are lots of ways to spend those dollars on the farm. Leasing provides that opportunity to keep that money in the bank. It provides some options on the credit side of things to free up cash.”

Farm producers who are considering leasing a building or two for their operation should contact their accountant for more detailed information regarding the potential benefits of leasing.





Apples to Oranges

Time after time we are asked the question, “Why is an Integrity building more expensive than your competition?”

The truth is, we are more expensive. We are more expensive because we don’t build the same building as our competition. We aren’t comparing apples to apples here. We are comparing apples to super structure, engineered oranges. Well not really, but you get the point.

Integrity set out to build a better post frame building. We have learned a lot along the way. Understanding that weather is changing, understanding that soil conditions are not the same from area to area, understanding that stronger foundations mean stronger buildings. Understanding that building an engineered post frame building means that it won’t fail. Understanding that building codes mean something to us, to you and to the people you love.

So, when you are comparing a quote from Integrity to a quote from another builder it’s clear to see why it’s not apples to apples. It’s not the same building.

We recently were given a quote from another company for an 80×100 building that was $18,000 less than the Integrity quote. We showed the quote to our engineer and he confirmed that the competition building would be built to fail. It’s not engineered. It would not be built to code.

Integrity wants you to make sure you know what’s under the hood. From the way that wind deflects, your local snow loads, the best and longest lasting foundation systems.

Could we build you the same building that our competition is quoting you for the same price? Yes, we can. Would we build that building for you? No, we wouldn’t. We believe that you should have the best building available in the post frame industry. And if we built the cheaper building, we wouldn’t be upholding our values and our commitment to you.

We invite you to compare apples to oranges. We think you’ll like the way oranges taste.



Book you new Integrity Building now and save Thousands!

Don’t miss out on the limited time factory direct discount. Integerity has negotiated a discount from our suppliers and we are pleased to pass these savings on to you.

This offer is valid on all new Integrity Buildings ordered and delivered before March 31, 2019.

*Cannot be combined with any other offer. Savings based on a 5% discount. Ask sales person for details.


Looking Back at a Decade of Integrity

Every year, we look back at the last 12 months to reflect on our business, our families, our community and what the next year might look like. This was a special year for Integrity as we celebrated 10 years in business.

When we started Integrity in 2008, we set out to move the post frame industry forward. Our first year of building saw us using construction standards that the industry had been using for more than 50 years. Our initiative from day one was to find better ways to build post frame buildings and bring stronger, longer lasting structures to our customers as it should be in any industry for any business.

Innovation has been, and will continue, to be the key to the success of Integrity. We believe that our innovations and quality of product are leading the industry. At Integrity we don’t strive to be just better than the competition, but to change the industry as a whole.

We’ve dedicated endless resources to research and development to study how wind patterns have changed, how snow loads have changed, how the ground conditions matter. Our team or of designers, engineers and architects, model, test and create to bring the best possible buildings 
to our clients. In fact, we go above and beyond to ensure that our buildings are the best in the industry.

No one can predict when or where a tornado will hit. No one can enforce building owner to properly maintain their building. No one can stop a building owner from making changes to a building that was built to code. There is a lot out of our control, but at Integrity we continually strive 
to set a new industry standard for excellence because this is something that we can control.

A year ago, extreme weather and large amounts of snowfall accumulation caused many buildings across the country to fail. This year is a completely different scenario where we are seeing record setting winds exceeding hurricane speeds. Last year Integrity had one of its original farm buildings fail under an unforeseen snow load. This building failed the same day as many other commercial and public use buildings constructed from wood and steel, including a public skating rink just minutes away. This of course is not something that we are happy about and another reason why we have taken a deep dive into how weather is changing and what we can do to adapt to it.

We take the time to do our research to determine what code a building should be built to depending on the intended use and what the wind and snow loads are for there area posted by the jurisdictions and the building code. Even with the guidelines and minimums set out by the governing body we have taken a stance to over engineer and over build buildings. Often making us the more expensive option but helping to ensure that our buildings and Integrity is around for generations.

We are proud to learn from our past and proud to push forward with innovations in the post frame construction industry. From new, stronger materials to the use of technology we are confident that we build the best post frame buildings in Canada.

With close to 3000 builds, we are proud of our record and are excited about the future.

Thank you to all our customers, partners, staff and families over the past decade.