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5 Ways to Build Agricultural Buildings With Durability in Mind

60x120 Shop 14' lean to

If you’re going to build an agricultural building, you’d better do it right. It takes a durable structure to withstand the forces of mother nature, gravity, animals and more. We realize how enticing it can be to always choose the cheapest building option.  You see cheaper materials or services that seem equal to their more expensive alternatives, so you choose the cheaper option. A building’s a building after all, right?

Absolutely not. That’s like saying “a car’s a car,” but everyone knows a 1990 beater is definitely not equivalent to a brand-new Mercedes. There are a lot of details that go into a building, and those details – no matter how small – can make or break its durability.
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Post-Frame Acreage & Range Buildings

A post-frame building is a great solution for your acreage or ranch. The benefits of post frame construction are immense, from reduced construction costs to unrivaled durability and usefulness, and we’ve mastered the art of their design and build.

Unmatched Structural Rigidity, Integrity, & Longevity Thanks to Perma-Column

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Acreage Buildings: Functional and Attractive

An acreage building is the perfect addition if you love the ranch and country lifestyle. These buildings can store recreational vehicles and animals or can be designed as a combination building. Integrity Post Structures builds functional and attractive acreage buildings with superior finishing, attention-to-detail and skill—an important factor when you want a building to increase the value of your property.

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Colour Trends for Post Frame Buildings: 2012

An attractive building can add value and complement your acreage, farming operation or business. After planning out the critical details of a building like size, door types, insulated versus cold storage, we find that one of the most difficult decisions for people comes when choosing colours.

“Post frame buildings with their clean lines and custom options are now a true attractive alternative to traditional building types,” says Al Williams of Integrity Post Structures. “Gone are the days of galvanized, utility style buildings. With a wide range of colours and styles, the post frame building can now add real curb appeal to your property and increase its value.” 

Thanks to the broad range of coloured metal available today—as well as new siding options like Hardie Board—buildings are becoming much more personalized to match individual tastes. “We are seeing a move to clean lines with contrasting trim versus the traditional panel stripe,” said Williams. “The exterior wall colours range from neutrals and whites to dark reds and greens, to name just a few options.”

Commercial building

Commercial building with contrasting walls, trim and roof


riding arena

Riding arena with bright red walls, white trim and dark roof


Airplane hangar

Airplane hangar with neutral walls and copper trim sets a distinctive tone


Storage building green

Storage building and shop looks crisp with green walls, white trim and roof


Machine shed

Farm machine storage shed with neutral walls, contrasting colour on trim and overhead door


Hardie Board acreage building

New options for post frame siding include attractive and durable Hardie Board siding to complement acreage styles today


Post frame barn

Barn with white walls, trim and green roof

Interior Wall Colours

A white metal interior makes for a bright, easy to clean indoor space. “Bright white metal walls are suitable for essentially all types of buildings,” says Williams. “This classic colour gives a fresh look to the interior and allows for good light reflection. The result: bright, clear interiors. ”

Depending on the type of building (commercial use, for example), walls can also be installed with drywall, which makes for an endless choice of colours. 

Hangar interior

Interior of airplane hangar with bright white walls and ceiling


Commercial building interior walls

Commercial building interior walls

Need more inspiration? Take a look through our photo gallery to get ideas from other buildings. Or get in touch with us so we can show you the colour palette in person.

Western Producer features Integrity Post Structures

Check it out: Integrity Post Structures featured in Western Producer article, Jan 12, pg. 29  “Wide range of sizes, shapes, materials for farm sheds.”

Western Producer Integrity Post Structures article

Tips on designing the ultimate acreage building

Post frame construction—or pole sheds as they have been referred to—have come a long way over the decades. Today’s post frame builders can offer new design styles and accessories to modernize the look and style of your acreage property.

Acreage buildings can be designed specifically for a customer’s needs. Whether you want a building for RVs, machinery or hay storage, hobbies like car restoration, animals or a working shop, or a combination, the open plan capabilities of a post frame building can achieve a variety of your goals.

Trends in Acreage Buildings

  • Hip Roof Barn Style

Gone are the days of inefficient hip roof barns. We can now combine the efficiency of post frame building materials for these unique styles of buildings. Hip roof barns can be designed for a variety of uses including storage and insulated work and play areas.

Hip roof barn

36’ x 72’ x 12’ Hip Roof Barn

Side view: Hip Roof Barn

Side view: Hip Roof Barn

Mezzanine Hip Roof Barn

View from Mezzanine of Hip Roof Barn

Rec Space Hip Roof Barn

Recreational Space in Hip Roof Barn

  • Hardie Board Siding

Integrity offers James Hardie siding as an additional attractive option to metal for acreage buildings, barns or commercial buildings. Made of fibre cement, James Hardie siding products are more durable than vinyl or wood/wood composite, siding but have the look and warmth of real wood without the maintenance hassles. They come in a wide range of colour options. Find out more about Hardie siding.

Acreage building with Hardie Board siding and vaulted truss

Acreage building with Hardie Board siding and vaulted truss

Hardie Board siding: Acreage building matches house

Hardie Board siding: Acreage building matches house

  • Combination Buildings

Why settle for a single use building when you probably have a number of roles you would like your building to play? Post frame designs offer close to unlimited flexibility. Designs can include a cold storage area, insulated workshop, office, bathroom, kitchen and more.

 40' x 72' x 16' Acreage Building with attached 20' x 72' x 10' lean-to

40' x 72' x 16' Acreage Building with attached 20' x 72' x 10' lean-to

56’ x 30’ x 10’ Storage Building with four 10’ x 8’ overhead doors

56’ x 30’ x 10’ Storage Building with four 10’ x 8’ overhead doors

Acreage building

Acreage building: barn and shop

Bathroom in acreage building

Bathroom in acreage building

  • Accessories

Add a variety of custom options from wainscoting, soffit, dormers, decks, mezzanines, lean-tos, doors, Perma-Column concrete post technology and more, it’s easy to add your own personal touch to your building.

Wainscoting on acreage building

Wainscoting on acreage building

Custom dormers

Custom dormers add a personal touch

Consider the options you have with a modern post frame acreage building. Find out more about acreage buildings or get in touch with us and we can take you on a tour of a building in your area.