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Looking Back at a Decade of Integrity

Every year, we look back at the last 12 months to reflect on our business, our families, our community and what the next year might look like. This was a special year for Integrity as we celebrated 10 years in business.

When we started Integrity in 2008, we set out to move the post frame industry forward. Our first year of building saw us using construction standards that the industry had been using for more than 50 years. Our initiative from day one was to find better ways to build post frame buildings and bring stronger, longer lasting structures to our customers as it should be in any industry for any business.

Innovation has been, and will continue, to be the key to the success of Integrity. We believe that our innovations and quality of product are leading the industry. At Integrity we don’t strive to be just better than the competition, but to change the industry as a whole.

We’ve dedicated endless resources to research and development to study how wind patterns have changed, how snow loads have changed, how the ground conditions matter. Our team or of designers, engineers and architects, model, test and create to bring the best possible buildings 
to our clients. In fact, we go above and beyond to ensure that our buildings are the best in the industry.

No one can predict when or where a tornado will hit. No one can enforce building owner to properly maintain their building. No one can stop a building owner from making changes to a building that was built to code. There is a lot out of our control, but at Integrity we continually strive 
to set a new industry standard for excellence because this is something that we can control.

A year ago, extreme weather and large amounts of snowfall accumulation caused many buildings across the country to fail. This year is a completely different scenario where we are seeing record setting winds exceeding hurricane speeds. Last year Integrity had one of its original farm buildings fail under an unforeseen snow load. This building failed the same day as many other commercial and public use buildings constructed from wood and steel, including a public skating rink just minutes away. This of course is not something that we are happy about and another reason why we have taken a deep dive into how weather is changing and what we can do to adapt to it.

We take the time to do our research to determine what code a building should be built to depending on the intended use and what the wind and snow loads are for there area posted by the jurisdictions and the building code. Even with the guidelines and minimums set out by the governing body we have taken a stance to over engineer and over build buildings. Often making us the more expensive option but helping to ensure that our buildings and Integrity is around for generations.

We are proud to learn from our past and proud to push forward with innovations in the post frame construction industry. From new, stronger materials to the use of technology we are confident that we build the best post frame buildings in Canada.

With close to 3000 builds, we are proud of our record and are excited about the future.

Thank you to all our customers, partners, staff and families over the past decade.


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Apples to Oranges

Time after time we are asked the question, “Why is an Integrity building more expensive than your competition?”

The truth is, we are more expensive. We are more expensive because we don’t build the same building as our competition. We aren’t comparing apples to apples here. We are comparing apples to super structure, engineered oranges. Well not really, but you get the point.

Integrity set out to build a better post frame building. We have learned a lot along the way. Understanding that weather is changing, understanding that soil conditions are not the same from area to area, understanding that stronger foundations mean stronger buildings. Understanding that building an engineered post frame building means that it won’t fail. Understanding that building codes mean something to us, to you and to the people you love.

So, when you are comparing a quote from Integrity to a quote from another builder it’s clear to see why it’s not apples to apples. It’s not the same building.

We recently were given a quote from another company for an 80×100 building that was $18,000 less than the Integrity quote. We showed the quote to our engineer and he confirmed that the competition building would be built to fail. It’s not engineered. It would not be built to code.

Integrity wants you to make sure you know what’s under the hood. From the way that wind deflects, your local snow loads, the best and longest lasting foundation systems.

Could we build you the same building that our competition is quoting you for the same price? Yes, we can. Would we build that building for you? No, we wouldn’t. We believe that you should have the best building available in the post frame industry. And if we built the cheaper building, we wouldn’t be upholding our values and our commitment to you.

We invite you to compare apples to oranges. We think you’ll like the way oranges taste.



by Hilary Klassen, Postmedia Content Works
Photos: Hilary Klassen

The option to lease farm buildings can offer some attractive benefits to farmers.

“The tax benefit for producers is the single biggest driving force behind leasing buildings,” said Curtis Gulka, account manager at National Leasing.

Leasing is one of the ways to acquire building assets on the farm. The big attraction for farmers is the ability to expense the payments against their income 100 per cent, rather than depreciating the purchase over a couple of decades.

The types of buildings being leased are typically pole sheds or shops that are primarily used for cold storage. Grain bins can be leased as well.

Two farmers south of Kindersley, Sask., made arrangements not long ago to build a shop and a shed, financing the project through leasing. Brad and Blaine Sautner took over the family farm from their father some years ago, raising their families there. The Sautner brothers are third-generation farmers; their grandfather started farming the land around 70 years ago.

The Sautners had previously leased bins and enjoyed the lease option because of the ability to expense the payments.

“With the lease, I know how much the payment is and that’s how much I’m taking off income tax,” said Blaine. “If you have to depreciate it, a lot of times it’s better to lease it.”

The Sautners found it easier to deal with a leasing company than to finance buildings through a bank.

“A few years ago with banking, you would talk to somebody in the office that you deal with, and then it had to go up the chain quite a few rungs before it actually got to the right person,” said Brad.

Their dealings with Gulka were more direct and approval was quick. They also avoided the kinds of requirements associated with bank draws.

While the Sautners opted for a seven-year lease, a shorter-term lease can come with even greater benefits. According to tax regulations, when you lease your building, you are able to treat the lease payments as an expense rather than depreciating your building as a capital cost. Your lease payments are usually tax deductible against your income each year of your lease term; in most cases, an asset that depreciates can be written off more quickly when it is leased. The shorter the lease term and the higher the individual or corporation’s effective tax rate, the more attractive leasing may be.

On a five-year lease, a farmer could save 20 years’ depreciation, give or take a year or two, Gulka said. He also said there is also a cash flow aspect to leasing that is often overlooked.
“If someone has $100,000, there are lots of ways to spend those dollars on the farm. Leasing provides that opportunity to keep that money in the bank. It provides some options on the credit side of things to free up cash.”

Farm producers who are considering leasing a building or two for their operation should contact their accountant for more detailed information regarding the potential benefits of leasing.





Busy Week at Trade Shows

Canada is a big place and we want to meet with our customers face to face. Trade Shows give us a chance to see some familiar faces and new ones. This week we are at trade shows in Calgary, Red Deer and Edmonton.

On November 7-8 at the BMO Centre in Calgary, we are at the BuildEX show with our Design Build Team. We can take your building from Concept to Completion. It’s your one stop for everything that needs to go into your completely finished buildings including concrete, electrical, plumbing and mechanical. Integrity Design Build does it all.

November 7-9 sees us at the Agri-Trade in Red Deer at the Westerner Park.

November 7-11 we will have a team at the Farm Fair International show at the Edmonton EXPO Centre.

Learn more about the innovations we put into our buildings to make them better.

We can’t wait to say hi.

4 Reasons to Build your Farm Building this Winter

Have you been thinking about putting up a new farm building this year? While many people think about building in the spring, summer or fall, let me tell you why you should consider building your project this winter.

#1. Because it’s possible.

Thanks to southern Alberta’s climate and friendly chinooks, we can build post frame buildings all through the year. Compared to other parts of the country, southern Alberta has very little frost so we can set the posts the same way that we do in the warmer seasons. And at times, conditions can actually be ideal for building.

#2. You’ll get a better deal.

That’s right. The fact is that most construction companies are busiest from spring to fall. So if you want to save a little, book your farm building in the winter.

#3. To shelter your valuable livestock and farm equipment from the elements.

Why wait for next year? Research shows that livestock and equipment will perform better and retain value when stored indoors (or given the option to take a break from the cold and wind if you have cattle or horses).

#4. You’re flexible.

Of course, Mother Nature still rules the building schedule. Our crews are human and can’t function if a blizzard or extreme chill sets in. But compared to other building types, post frame buildings still go up pretty fast. Be prepared for a slightly longer build schedule.

If you decide to build over the winter, leave the snow on your site until a couple of days before the crew is scheduled to arrive. Snow cover will help insulate the ground from potential frost.

Get in touch with us for more tips on building in the winter and find out when we’ll be building in your area.