Integrity’s CEO Accepted into Elite National Program

Okotoks, Alberta – Integrity Post Structures Ltd. is pleased to announce today that Jerry Myer, Owner/CEO has been selected to participate in the 2017 QuantumShift program. QuantumShift is an exclusive invitation-only leadership development program for 40 of Canada’s most promising entrepreneurs. Founded by KPMG Enterprise and the Ivey Business School at The University of Western Ontario, QuantumShift uses Ivey’s highly regarded case study method and award-winning faculty to help take the skills and talents of these entrepreneurs to the next level.

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QuantumShift is designed to help Canadian business owners accelerate their companies. It’s for entrepreneurs who are past the start-up stage and who are ready to innovate. The week-long program focuses on how to lead an enterprise through exponential growth; how to attract and retain the best employees; how to uncover obstacles that may be limiting growth; how to value a venture and use strategies for moving from business plan to financial proposition; and how to build a strong network of entrepreneurial peers to share best-practices.

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Nearly 540 successful entrepreneurs have attended QuantumShift over the past 14 years, including Cameron Heaps, co-founder of Steam Whistle Brewery. Heaps is passionate about growing the craft brewing industry in Canada and says QuantumShift provided him with a unique opportunity to rethink his company’s operating structure.

“When you’re a young company in a high growth phase, often the structures aren’t keeping up. This was an opportunity to step back and start identifying where the cracks are and how to set up your business to sustain growth,” said Heaps.

“Surrounding myself with like-minded entrepreneurs would give me the opportunity to join and build relationships with people that could potentially help me to run my business better through their experience. The one thing I am not afraid of is surrounding myself with people that know more than me. When I was younger and training horses, my parents would always say “If you want to become a better horse trainer, you need to surround yourself with better horse trainers.” It is something I live by, and have never forgotten.” – Jerry Myer.

Post-Frame Acreage & Range Buildings

A post-frame building is a great solution for your acreage or ranch. The benefits of post frame construction are immense, from reduced construction costs to unrivaled durability and usefulness, and we’ve mastered the art of their design and build.

Unmatched Structural Rigidity, Integrity, & Longevity Thanks to Perma-Column

Integrity Post Structures is the only company in Canada to utilize the Perma-Column. These 5’ precast concrete columns keep the wooden support beams out of the ground, dramatically improving the durability of your building support columns.

Superior Build Processes & Better Crews

Our crews are known as the “next generation” of post framers. They have superior finishing, attention to detail and skill—an important factor when you want a building to increase the value of your property.

Extensive Experience in Post-Frame Acreage/Ranch Buildings

Many people turn to us because of our experience in working with acreages and our knowledge in working with municipalities. We promise the discerning buyer the best-looking, high performing acreage/hobby building.

There Are Many Advantages When Choosing Buildings from Integrity Post Structures

  • Perma-Column: the only company in Canada to offer precast concrete columns that keep wood out of the ground and allow for a concrete foundation on your post frame building. Find out more about Perma-Columns.
  • Wide variety of insulated and uninsulated doors to fit your needs including bi-fold, overhead, sliding and large man doors.
  • Available insulated or combination with areas for storage, office or mezzanine.
  • Attractive Hardie board siding option.
  • Contemporary styles including hip roof barns.
  • Straight walls to 24’ give you maximum usable space.
  • Strong metal: our full 3/4” rib (large rib) metal gives our buildings more strength than the competition.
  • Smoke wall light offers less glare.
  • Windows available in sliding or fixed.
  • Metal lined interiors mean low (or no) maintenance.
  • Interlocking truss-to-post connection: our saddled truss connection gives secure fastening through the whole post. This means a better load transfer from the roof to the walls.
  • Full range of available colours.
  • Great service guarantee.
  • Industry-leading warranty.

Post Frame Airplane Hangars

Post frame buildings make hangar construction and design easy and affordable. Airplane hangars are a valuable asset, allowing you to minimize your plane’s maintenance and maximize your flying time.

Integrity Post Structures builders aircraft hangars with clear-spans up to 120’ to fit your airplanes. Whether you need a hangar for a large or small aircraft, our post frame buildings can provide a strong, durable structure that offers tremendous functionality and weather protection for your aircraft.

Install Offices, Maintenance Areas, & More

Your airplane hangar can range from simple to sophisticated. During the design process we can include mezzanines, maintenance areas, office space, and more.

By customizing your hangar, we will build a structure that meets your needs while also remaining time-efficient and on-budget.

Buildings Designed for Strength & Durability

Our post frame buildings utilize superior building materials, stronger ¾” rib metal, and better construction processes. Our considerable experience in designing and building post frame aircraft hangars enables us to be faster and more efficient throughout the entire process.

All our buildings are covered by our five-year workmanship warranty, a 40-year warranty on painted metal walls/roof, and a lifetime warranty on our Perma-Column foundation. Feel confident knowing your investment will last!

Aircraft Hangars by Integrity Post Structures – Advantages

A post frame airplane hangar from Integrity Post Structures is a sound investment. Our advantages include:

  • Perma-Column – We are the only company in Canada to offer precast concrete columns that keep wood out of the ground and allow for a concrete foundation on your post frame building.
  • Full range of available colours – Customize your building to meet your design requirements.
  • Industry leading warranty
  • Wider clear-spans up to 120’ mean lots of unobstructed space – ideal for maintenance, work areas, and storage.
  • Wide variety of insulated and uninsulated doors to fit your equipment, including bi-fold, overhead and sliding
  • Available insulated or combination with cold storage customized to your operation
  • Straight walls to 24’ giving you maximum usable space and the ability to park large equipment tight to the wall
  • Strong metal: our full 3/4” rib (large rib) metal gives our buildings more strength than the competition
  • Smoke wall light: exclusive to Integrity offers less glare
  • Windows available in sliding or fixed
  • Metal lined interiors mean low (or no) maintenance
  • Interlocking truss-to-post connection: our saddled truss connection gives secure fastening through the whole post. This means a better load transfer from the roof to the walls

Get a Complimentary Quote for Your Post Frame Airplane Hangar Building

We will deliver the best construction experience possible throughout the entire process. Request a quote.


When Forma Steel had to make the decision whom to use to build the new storage facility for all of their metal cladding, the answer was obvious: “We’ve seen the quality of the end product many times over and we knew how quickly the buildings get done” says James Coast, General Manager of Fort Macleod based Forma Steel.


Forma Steel’s new building


“Despite this inside knowledge we were impressed when we saw it happen first hand. Everybody who drove by was wondering how it was possible for the building to go up in only two weeks. And our response was always the same: Integrity Post Structures is just really good at what it does.”

The Integrity Post Structures business model is based on loyal, long-term partnerships. Forma Steel is the sole supplier of all metal cladding used in the construction of Integrity post frame structures and has been since Integrity opened its doors in 2008. Forma Steel’s product is one of the main components allowing Integrity to build the strongest post frame building on the market.

According to Coast, Integrity’s post frame structure has been a critical component in allowing Forma Steel to expand their production capacity and rearrange the production facility. He further points out how very well organized the build was: “The crew had what they needed when they needed it. There were no delays.”


“Integrity had no problem accommodating all of our requests and extras, that typically aren’t part of a post structure. The flexibility of design was impressive and the customization painless.”

“Because we wanted the building to be 20 feet high, the engineer insisted that many of the posts in the building be LVL* posts. It was a design requirement. It was very reassuring to be able to work so closely with an engineer who will go to extremes to make sure you get the building you want and need”, Coast adds.

LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) post

LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) post

* LVL – Laminated Veneer Lumber
Integrity uses West Fraser LVL for all beams and posts that require it. LVL is an engineered wood product that uses multiple layers of thin wood assembled with adhesives and ran through a machine press. This creates a superior manufactured product that has tested and true strength values that are far superior to any other type of lumber.


Forma Steel is a family owned business dedicated to quality products and long lasting client relationships. The have been providing first rate products since 1992 and are well know in their community for their generous donations and giving back. In addition to Forma Steel, the company has another business venture called Structural Truss Systems – also one of Integrity’s key partners. STS manufactures quality wood floor and roof trusses in their Fort Macleod plant.

Integrity sponsors 14-year-old winner of PTRA team roping season

Integrity Post Structures offers their congratulations to 14-year-old Tate Schmidt who finished the 2015/2016 team roping season as points leader in the open class category and won his first ever team roping saddle donated by Integrity. Schmidt comes from a long line of team ropers and is a member of the Pembina Team Roping Association (PTRA) of Mayerthorpe AB.

Looking further into the story we were delighted to find out that Integrity Post Structures built the riding arenas for Tate’s grandfather Leonard Schmidt as well as Ross Bohnet, both locations in which the PTRA team roping events of the 2015/2016 season were held. Over the years Integrity has been able to build a great partnership with the Schmidt and Bohnet families, which shows the importance of Integrity Post Structures’ support to local communities.

Tate Schmidt

Tate Schmidt


Did you know that Integrity Post Structures offers Turnkey Construction Services? If you need a new post frame building but don’t have the time or resources to manage the project yourself, we will supervise the site and trades and make sure that your new post frame building is built on time and within your budget. From building design, obtaining permits, site preparation, pouring of concrete floors to the installation of the electrical, plumbing, and interiors – we will take care of it all.

Our full-time turnkey construction manager Kelsey Gustafson will help you through all the phases of the project, manage it from start to finish and make sure that when we hand you the keys to your new post frame building, you will be completely satisfied.

Kelsey Gustafson

Kelsey Gustafson

Advantages of Integrity Turnkey Construction Services:

  • Integrity Turnkey Construction Services builds fully on Integrity Post Structures’ experience. Since opening their doors in 2008 Integrity Post Structures completed thousands of projects during which we have come in touch with some of the best trades in the industry.
  • We only work with businesses from our preferred trades list. These are tradespeople we know will deliver high-quality workmanship and won’t surprise you with unreasonable pricing or changing construction schedules.
  • You are dealing with only one person during the whole duration of the construction: Kelsey Gustafson, our turnkey construction manager. With his 13 years of construction and project management experience as well as being a master plumber and gas fitter, you will be in the best of hands.


Choosing Quality Lumber for a Post Frame Structure

post-frame-building-quality-lumberPost-frame buildings are gaining popularity in the industry over the past few decades. Companies, corporations and industries often choose these high-quality and sturdy frame building designs for their office or workplace. The design, construct and durability of the post frame buildings make them a better choice for industrial usage. Frame construction includes engineered wood-frame building system, laminated columns, steel framing and heavy concrete masonry. These buildings feature a strong, durable and exceptionally well-built interior façade.

Why Good Quality Lumber is Important for Post Frame Buildings

To ensure that the post-frame buildings remain durable, engineers use good framing and skills, prepare the building site and use high-quality materials. It is very important for the building contractors to choose the highest quality steel, door, window and lumber for the frame.

Types of Quality Lumber to Choose

For a long-lasting post-frame building, it is very important to choose the dry and best-quality lumber. It is highly recommended to select the Machine-evaluated lumber for the frame or the Machine Stress Rated Lumber instead. By choosing these types of good-quality lumber, your engineer will know the exact strength and durability of every piece of wood used for the structure. This is certainly very crucial for any well-built post-frame building structure. Also, good-quality lumber can avoid unacceptable risk for structural failure of the frame due to any unseen circumstances.

How Good Quality Lumber is Chosen

The challenge of selecting good quality lumber is always a responsibility of the building contractors. When designing the post-frame building, it is important for them to select functional designs, good-quality lumber and steel so that the building is structurally sound and feels functionally durable. After all, each post-frame construction frame system should meet UBC and IBC standards.

Importance of Choosing Good Quality Lumber

Because post-frame construction includes structures that are more quickly erected, the engineers involved use many larger posts and interlocking frames for a solid wall and frame construction. By using high-quality fasteners and nails, the lumber is attached together. If good quality industrial grade lumber isn’t chosen, it becomes difficult for the engineers to create the structure with columns bolted to trusses and the lumber screwed or nailed to steel together. In this way, you can ensure that these post-frame buildings can easily handle greater loads when compared to the stud-wall construction.

Build Your Post Frame Building with Quality Lumber at Integrity Post Structures

Questions or comments? Contact Integrity Post Structures – Western Canada’s #1 Commercial and post frame / pole building company.

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